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This Fiddlers Reunion brings together the multitude of fiddlers and other traditional folk musicians DrDosido (aka Paul Tyler, PhD) has known through nearly half a century of tune collecting.

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At the beginning and in the later years of my career as a folklorist, I focused heavily on fiddling and social dance. So, for this long overdue remake of the DrDosido website that I started a dozen years ago, it made sense to sort out the fiddlers - they number in the hundreds - for an orderly presentation. In coming months, I will add more recordings to pages devoted other folk instrumentalists, singers, and ensembles.

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Fiddle Club at OTSFM-2015

National Barn Dance Fiddlers-1924

Old Anchor Inn jam in Helsinki-2009

Volo Bogtrotter Fiddlers-2015

Two other pathways provide more context about the communities and traditions that produced and nourished these folk musicians.

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Lists of recording sessions/events, grouped by project.

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Stories &c.

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Every fiddler or traditional musician I ever met told me stories that connected their music to people in other times and places. Traditional folk music is rooted in community.

Writings & Reflections
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