Arto Järvelä Residency

Ulvsby, Finland to Chicago - September 2009

1. In Residence at the Old Town School of Folk Music

HT217 Arto Järvelä began his stay with a workshop on Archaic Finnish Tunes and ended it with another on Modern Finnish Tunes. Here are highlights from those workshops, plus tunes he taught at the various Fiddle Classes he visited each week.

Archaic Finnish Tunes workshop

  • polska no 1 in D Dorian
  • polska no 2 in D Dorian
  • Minuet after Matti Haudanmaa from Matti Haudanmaa

Modern Finnish Tunes workshop

  • Kolhon polska from Otto Hotakainen
  • Kissakallion Ylitys (original)
  • Kostner Avenue Waltz on fiddle

Paul Tyler's Fiddle 3 & Fiddle 4

  • Pollonesa no 8 from Maria Spoof
  • Rahapolska from Erkki Metsapelto
  • Rahapolska duet
  • Masurkka from Erajarvi
  • Hultiahon sotiisi from Erkki Metsapelto
  • Hultiahon sotiisi duet

  • (tunes presented, but not taught)
  • Arttun polkka from Arttu Peltokangas
  • Sormi (Finger) polska

Old-Time Ensemble

  • Henry Fordin sotiisi in G, from Arttu Peltokangas
  • Henry Fordin sotiisi in D, from Arttu Peltokangas

Maria McCullough's Fiddle 3

  • Friarvalsin from Torsten Pärus & Valter Enlund
  • Koputus polkka
  • Sangknarren

Colby Maddox's Fiddle Improvisation class

  • Brud (Wedding) polkka from Edward Öst
  • Wikströmin aatun stigare

Walter Hojka's Music Skills for Fiddlers

  • Syralan Heikias Maito polkka (Milk Polka) from Heikki Syrjälä
  • Maalarin Frannsin sotiisi
  • Maalarin frannsin sotiisi harmony
  • Stuntar Valsin from Torsten Pärus & Valter Enlund

2. At Our House

HT218 Arto was given a room at the Tyler house on Kostner Avenue, and quickly became part of the family. What great music we had, matched by deeply interesting cultural exchange and marvelous conversation. Patsy (the dog) got the best part, as Arto spoke to her daily in Suomi. What secrets he told her, she never shared. Here's some of the music played in our living room and front porch, resonating through the neighborhood.

  • Hellstrand 1990 (composed upon the purchase of his nyckleharpa)
  • Kostner Avenue Waltz
  • Video of Kostner Avenue Waltz (includes a shot of Patsy the dog)
  • Arto cross-tuned
  • Johannes Järvelä sotiisi from his grandfather

One day, Steve Rosen came over to give Arto a clawhammer banjo lesson and learn some tunes.

  • Henry Fordin sotiisi in D (duet with Steve Rosen on banjo)
  • Anti Jarvela's march
  • unnamed tune
  • Markun Joonaan silia valssi
  • Polska
  • Karelian style [imitation of jouhikko]
  • Karelian tune
  • Fighting dance

That day, Arto introduced us to the purppuri (potpourri or suite) of eleven tunes traditionally played at weddings in Kaustinen and Central Ostrobothnian villages.

  • Hyppytahti
  • Purpurrinalku (opening polska)
  • Silia valssi
  • Teximaija Vals (flat waltz)
  • Flikuleeri
  • Flikuleeri (contra dance)
  • talk about dances
  • Ristaus
  • Ristaus
  • Hoppitahti
  • March (finale)
  • Closing polska

3. A Day at Little Prairie Farm

HT219 We drove to Lagrange, Wisconsin for a day of music hosted by Chirps Smith and Dot Kent. Fiddle and mandolin workshops filled the afternoon. After a potluck supper, Arto played a concert for the assembly.

Fiddle workshop

  • Pinnin Polska
  • Vimpili Mylly Polkka
  • Ragvalssi Vals

Mandolin workshop

  • Brud Polkka efter Edward Ost
  • Tysk (German) Sotiisi
  • Quiet Waltz

Evening concert

  • Tuutihussaa ja lullaa-Ho hoi
  • Menuett from Jeppo-Taklax polska
  • Spoof polonessas nos 1 & 57

  • Kurt's polska-Brudpolska from Malax
  • Hans Lankarin sotiisi (with Paul Tyler on guitar)
  • Ravit Kaplyassa

4. Fiddle Club of the World (Chicago Chapter)

HT220 At the Leadway Bar & Grill.

Tunes pre-recorded for the jam session

  • Pelli Jussin syomamarssi
  • Ragvalsin
  • Malaskan kuoleman polska

The concert

  • wedding march from Kuortane
  • Frank Hietala polskas
  • sotiisi-German polka
  • Spoof polska-Malask wedding polska
  • Otto Hotakainen polkka (with Paul Tyler on guitar)

The jam session

  • Ragvalssin
  • Henry Fordin sotiisi in G
  • Kostner Avenue Waltz