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I. Field Recordings

The core mission of DrDosido.net has always been to share samples of  field recordings made during nearly a half-century of tune catching. For several decades, much of that recording activity was done as contract fieldwork. During that time I earned a PhD in Folklore and Ethnomusicology from Indiana University.

Herb, Janet & Mike Wenning

GL017 Herb Wenning & Family - Ten Pretty Girls

In my later working life, I programmed community music events for several folk schools. Besides a varied involvement with Adler House (aka David Adler Cultural Center) in Libertyville, Illinois, I spent over 3 decades at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music.

Juan Rivera & Felipe Valle-2008

HT213 Felipe Valle & Juan Rivera - Cielito Lindo

Early and late in my folklore career I independently concentrated on fiddlers. A huge portion of my collection of recordings is traditional and old-time fiddle music. Six web pages under the Recordings menu are devoted to fiddlers. Other folk musicians and ensembles are presented on the remaining pages. Many more recordings will be added to these in the coming months.

Nordic jam session at Estonia House-2012

GL270 Estonia House Nordic jam - Cielito Lindo

II. Old 78s (Compilations)

Cover Art & Liner Notes can be viewed. Full playlists to be uploaded over time to DrDosido's Blog.

Earliest & Oldest (Fiddlers)

Barn Dance Fiddlers

DD102 Tom Owens Barn Dance Trio - Stoney Point

Midwestern Old Time

National Barn Dance Fiddle Bands 2

DD123 Alan Crockett - Lamplighter's Hornpipe

Ethnic Old Time (Midwestern)

Elia Calcoff Orchestra

DD135 Elia Calcoff Orchestra - Oidevoika (Horo)

National Barn Dance Artists)

DD138 Pie Plant Pete - Farming by the Fire

III. Midwest Albums

Anglo, Ethnic, Minority, Folk, Popular &c.
To be developed in the Fall of 2023.


Chorus Zora-A Festival of Slovak Folk Songs

EF175 Chorus Zora - Tancuj, Tancuj


Kathy Cowan-The Red Haired Man's Wife

FP291 Kathy Cowan - Star of the County Down


Folk Songs of Illinois 1

AA254 Girls of the Golden West - Lonely Cowgirl