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How to Use 3.0

The blue navigation bar appears at the top of every page.

  1. Recordings pages are organized by artists, split into Fiddlers, Ensembles, and Folk Musicians.
  2. Events pages list recording sessions by project. Call them Event Rosters.
  3. Stories &c. present a variety of writings, linked to Event Rosters.


My Collections are represented here by selected performances (aka Titles), grouped by artist. Because fiddle music predominates here, artists are divided onto separate pages: Fiddlers, Ensembles, and Folk Musicians (including singers and instrumentalists).

Fiddlers have been further divided into regional groups:

  • Indiana Fiddlers IH - for "Indiana Hoedown," DrDosido's first big fieldwork project.
  • Fiddlers-Great Lakes GL - the other 4 states of the Old Northwest: Ohio,Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin.
  • Chicago Fiddlers GL - where DrDosido has spent half of his life.
  • Fiddlers-Here & There HT - everything beyond the Old Northwest.
  • There are also separate pages for the . . .
  • Lotus Dickey Repertoire GL - tunes played by my mentor, a fiddler from Orange County, Indiana.
  • Arto Järvelä Residency GL - tunes from  Finland, played and taught during a month-long stay in Chicago.

Most browsing pages feature this button.

ID# Project* Hometown or recording location - recording year.
Personnel & instrumentation. Contextual information.
Recorded selections
*hover for full project title

Here is a further explanation:
Each Artist entry contains selections from one or more albums or recording events.
Each event is referred to by an ID# that corresponds to an item on the event rosters.
Many ID#s are followed by an Project acronym, that refers to a large table on the event rosters.
(Hover your curser over the acronym to see full title.)
Other information follows: hometown of the artist - year of the recording. Personnel and brief contextual data.

Event Rosters

Events (aka Sessions or Albums) are organized according to DrDosido's career as a folklorist and teaching artist.

  • Grant Projects includes funded freelance fieldwork and research, starting with "Indiana Hoedown. "
  • Folk Schools refers to 30-plus years of programs at Adler House and the Old Town School of Folk Music.
  • Tune Catcher covers independent fieldwork and recordings that emerged from participating in community life.

Event Rosters contain links to both the Recordings pages-linked by artist name-and the Stories &c pages-linked by ID#.

Stories &c.

My Reflections took various forms, including biographical sketches and event reports, published scholarship and public commentary, and accounts of tune catching.

  • Field Notes: biographical material from project reports, interview transcripts, and remembered encounters.
  • Words About Music: published articles, graduate school papers, and public reflections.
  • Stories (under construction): will make use of DrDosido's Blog.