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Balkanske Igre

IH210 EDMI Gary, Indiana - 1987. Ljupko Milensovic (kaval, accordion & guida) & John Parrish (drum) with Balkanske Igre (folk dancers from Chicago) with Macedonian Youth Organization dancers performing at SS. Peter & Paul Macedonian Orthodox Church.

  • unknown (kaval & vocal chorus)
  • fast dance (kaval)
  • horo (accordion)
  • unknown (guida)
  • unknown (guida)
  • unknown (guida)

The Barons

IH007 TMHS Detroit - 1979. Saturday at the Oktoberfest in Hoagland, Indiana.

  • Bumps-a-Daisy Polka
  • Schupe Valse
  • Beer Barrel Polka
  • E-I-E-I-E-I-O/ Just Because (polkas)
  • When I Stand on the Mountain top
  • Die Gose ist echt (waltz or Landler)
  • Ein Prosit (toast)

Bavarian Brass

GL245 Defiance, Ohio - 2009. Saturday at the Oktoberfest in Hoagland, Indiana. (Field Notes describes IH309, this band at the 1985 Oktoberfest. That original tape is in the Archives of Traditional Music. DrDosido does not have a copy.)

  • In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (square dance)
  • polka
  • Just Because (square dance)

El Conjunto Fortuna

GL118 ACC Waukegan, Illinois - 1987. El Gran Baile. (See also Tropical del Valle.)

  • ranchero
  • cumbia
  • ranchero
  • bolero
  • cumbia
  • polka

Country Bluegrass

IH018 Winnemac - 1979. Larry (banjo & vocals) & Teresa Edmundson (guitar) & Audrey Smith (guitar & vocals)

  • Walk On By
  • Blanket on the Ground

Drina Orchestra

IH203 EDMI Schererville, Indiana - 1986. Milan Opacich (prim & vocals) & others. Tamburitza quartet strolling at Old Mill restaurant in Merrillville.

  • When the Saints-Under the Double Eagle
  • Rastao Sam Pored-Dunave
  • Biserija
  • My Mother-in-Law
  • Hej Iman Otsa
  • Down on the Farm (E-I-E-I-E-I-O)-Golden Slippers
  • Where O'Brien-Notre Dame Fight Song
  • kolo

Nicolae Feraru & His Gypsy Orchestra

GL295 FCW/OTS Chicago - 2015. Horatiu Ormindeanu (violin) & Ion Petinca (fluer). Romani music at the Square Roots Festival in Lincoln Square. (See also Ensembles.)

  • doina-dance tune
  • doina-Sabre Danca (Khatchaturian)

The Imperials

IH008 TMHS Toledo, Ohio - 1979. Sunday at the Oktoberfest in Hoagland, Indiana.

  • I've Got a Never Ending Love for You (polka)
  • Clearwater Oberek
  • Clover By the Water
  • Chicago Land Twirl
  • Hoedown Polka
  • Red River Valley (square dance)
  • Tony's Polka

The Kastorians

IH050 TMHS Crown Point, Indiana - 1980. Pete Tsouklis (clarinet) & others. At dinner dance sponsored by the Philip of Macedon Society at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  • unnamed syrtos
  • unnamed hasapikos
  • unnamed syrtos
  • Theme from Zorba the Greek
  • Clarinet Polka
  • unnamed guida

Jerry Kurdys Polka Party

IH212 EDMI South Bend, Indiana - 1987. Jerry Kurdys (drums & vocals) & others. Dyngus Day celebration and radio broadcast at Mike Berta's Place (a tavern).

    Broadcast on "Polka Party" radio show on WAMJ
  • Asking My Girl
  • Polish waltz
  • Pizza Pie Polka
  • Happy Birthday Polka/ Happy Go Lucky

  • Radio broadcast over
  • She Likes Kielbasa
  • Sarah, Sarah
  • She Likes Kielbasa
  • Musikante Polka

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Maumee Valley Polka Band

IH007 TMHS Napoleon, Ohio - 1979. Mart Dickmander (accordion) & others. Saturday at the Oktoberfest in Hoagland, Indiana.

  • Schnee Valser (Snow Waltz)
  • unnamed polka
  • O Susanna (schottische)
  • Orange Blossom Special
  • Climbing Up Them Golden Stairs (square dance)
  • Waltz Across Texas With You

Mellotones Steel Band

GL123 ACC Waukegan, Illinois - 1987. At the Waukegan Lakefront Festival.

  • unnamed instrumental
  • The Other Woman
  • Yellow Bird
  • unnamed instrumental (slow)

Neo Kyma (New Wave

IH213 EDMI Chicago & Addison, Illinois - 1987. Louis Zarakas (keyboard) & others. Played for dancing at Chicago Diocese Folk Dance Festival at the Hellenic Cultural Center of SS. Constantine & Helen G.O. Cathedral in Merrillville, Indiana.

  • unknown
  • Never On Sunday
  • unknown
  • unknown
  • unknown
  • Paraponiariko

Orchestra Balkan

IH208 EDMI Gary, Indiana - 1987. Nick Gianakoff (accordion) & others. Dance at SS. Peter & Paul Macedonian Orthodox Church sponsored by Macedonian Youth Organization.

  • syrtos (7/8)
  • kolo (2/4)
  • unknown
  • unknown

Bill Skimos Orchestra

IH202 EDMI Fort Wayne, Indiana - 1986. Played for dancing at annual Macedonian Ball sponsored by St. Nicholas Macedonian Orthodox Chu id="skb"rch at the Scottish Rite auditorium.

  • Makedonska
  • unnamed kasapsko
  • Miserlou
  • Edno Maloj Mome
  • Eleno Mome
  • Shana
  • Samjotisa

Star Serenaders

IH209 EDMI Hammond & Highland, Indiana - 1987. Tamburitza quartet played at the Golden Shell on Chicago's southeast side.

  • unnamed song/ Krcmarice/ Kolo in G
  • Oy Mariana-unnamed song
  • Suze liju plave oči/ Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
  • Beer Barrel Polka

IH214 EDMI - 1987. Performed on a Sunday afternoon at Marvin's Restaurant in Highland, Indiana.

  • unknown
  • Somewhere My Love
  • unnamed song/ unnamed kolo
  • Dunave

Pete Tsouklis Macedonian Band

GL145 DACC Crown Point, Indiana - 1995. Pete Tsouklis (clarinet) & others. On the Move concert for Adler House in Libertyville, Illinois.

  • Samiotisa
  • 7-8 tune
  • syrtos
  • Never On a Sunday

Tropical del Valle

GL118 ACC Waukegan, Illinois - 1987. El Gran Baile. (See also El Conjunto Fortuna.)

  • cumbia
  • Música Tropical
  • ranchero
  • bolero
  • cumbia
  • polka

United Serbs

IH215 EDMI Hammond, Indiana & Calumet City, Illinois - 1987. Dan Danilovich (accordion) & others. Played for dancing at St. Elijah's Serbian Orthodox Church in Crown Point, Indiana.

  • Chicago Kolo
  • Mali Mrav
  • Dodji MIle U Nas Kraj
  • Nishka Banya
  • Ravno Oro
  • Hillbilly Kolo

Mario Zulta y sus Vallenatos de Colombia

GL144 ITT Chicago - 1994. Mario Zuleta (accordion & vocals) & others. World Music Fest at Adler House in Libertyville, Illinois.

  • unnamed Vallenato
  • unnamed Vallenato
  • unnamed Vallenato
  • unnamed Vallenato