A Tune Catcher in the Midwest & Beyond

Many of these recordings were made at spontaneous or serendiptous musical occasions. Others are from regular, organized events.
Highlighted names link to selected recordings by that artist from one or more events.
Highlighted IDs link to stories or field notes.

Individual Artists

Recordings from my Detroit and Bloomington Years, 1976-86. (See also Grant Projects.)

ID# Date Artist Hometown Instrument Style / Ethnicity
GL001 12/3/1977 Al Purcell & Friends; Barry O'Neill at Lizard in the Spring coffee house in Berkley, Michigan Detroit, Michigan uillean pipes; vocals Irish
GL002 12/17/1977 New American Swinette Orchestra at Lizard in the Spring coffee house in Berkley, Michigan Detroit, Michigan fiddle & hammer dulcimer Anglo-American
IH306 1977 Francis Geels with Carl 'Tuffy' Schafer (caller): Wedding Anniversary Dance at Quixote Hills in Hoagland [Original tape has been misplaced.] Decatur; Fort Wayne fiddle; square dance Anglo-American
GL003 7/5/1977 Hugh Sowers & Herman Fox Arcola & Fort Wayne, Indiana fiddle; concertina German; Anglo-American
GL004 1978 Paul Gifford Ferndale, Michigan fiddle & hammer dulcimer Anglo-American
GL007 1980 Jimmie Campbell Dolan, Indiana fiddle Anglo-American
AF064 1980 Helen Gross & Ray Shepherd w/ Bob Hubbach at the 3rd Tyler-Mahaffee Gathering Saline, Michigan fiddle Anglo-American
GL005 1981 Paul Gifford & Wm. T. White; Bob Hubbach at the 4th Tyler-Mahaffee Gathering Ferndale & Okemas, Michigan hammer dulcimer Anglo-American

Indiana University Folklore Department concerts for Introduction to American Folklore classes in Bloomington. The artists were sponsored by a Frontiers in Learning grant. I assisted Gary Stanton with the recording, but I was not yet enrolled in IU's Graduate School.

GL007 1980 Cas Wallin w/ Blanton Owen Tennessee ballads & folksongs Anglo-American
HT001 1980 Lionel Leleux w/ Barry Ancelet Leleux, Louisiana fiddle Cajun

Lark Productions concert series in Bears' Back Room (and other venues) in Bloomington, Indiana)

PO001 1982 Frank Gillis; Eclectricity Bloomington, Indiana piano; ensemble Jazz; Folk
HT002 1982 Kevin Burke & Michael O'Domhnaill; & Mick Hanley Portland, Oregon; Ireland fiddle; guitar & vocals Irish
GL027 1982 Ted Bogan & Howard Armstrong; Yank Rachell & Peter Roller Chicago; Detroit; Indianapolis fiddle; mandolin; guitar & vocals Afro-American; Blues

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Indiana Fiddlers Gathering

From 1980-82, I contributed to the booking and production of the Gathering in Battle Ground, Indiana. From 1983-86, I was a performer: first with the Knott Brothers and then with Lotus Dickey & Friends. In ensuing years, I performed occasionally, most often with the Volo Bogtrotters. Then in 2022, I became active on the Program Committee again, as the Gathering reached its 50th year. But I made no recordings after 1986.

ID# Year Artist Hometown Instrument Style / Ethnicity
GL006 1980 Herman Fox & Paul Tyler Fort Wayne, Indiana concertina & fiddle German; Anglo-American
GL006 1980 Ervie Burge; Gene Wilhite; Easy Street String Band; & others Champaign, Illinois; Brazil, Indiana &c. fiddle Anglo-American
GL008 1981 Les Raber & Bud Pierce (guitar) w/ Paul Gifford & Wm. T. White Hastings, Michigan fiddle & hammer dulcimer Anglo-American
GL008 1981 Harold Zimmerman w/ Paul Tyler Fort Thomas, Kentucky fiddle Anglo-American
GL008 1981 Lotus Dickey; & Friends Paoli, Indiana fiddle Anglo-American
GL008 1981 Hector Phillips; Al Purcell; & others Petersburg, Indiana; Detroit fiddle; uillean pipes Anglo-American; Irish
GL025 1982 John McGreevy & Kevin Henry; Julian Cramer; Lotus Dickey & Friends Chicago; Martinsville, Indiana; Paoli, Indiana fiddle & flute; mandolin; original songs Irish; Anglo-American
GL028 1983 Lotus Dickey & Friends; Knott Brothers Paoli & Bloomington, Indiana original songs; hillbilly Anglo-American
GL028 1983 National Barn Dance Reunion with Captain Stubby; Evelyn Lang Perry; Bob & Bonnie Atcher; Johnny Frigo; & others Anglo-American
GL029 1984 Rocky Stone; Lotus Dickey & Friends;
Knott Brothers
Syracuse, Indiana; Paoli & Bloomington, Indiana swing fiddle; original songs; hillbilly Anglo-American
GL029-030 1984 National Barn Dance Reunion with Captain Stubby; Dolph Hewitt; Gabe Ward; & others Anglo-American
GL032 1985 Rocky Stone; Lotus Dickey & Friends Syracuse & Paoli,Indiana swing fiddle; folksongs Anglo-American
GL032 1986 Lotus Dickey & Friends Paoli,Indiana fiddle; folksongs

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University of Chicago Folk Festival

This winter weekend festival has been another annual reunion for Midwest's old-time revival community. Nearly every year the daytime workshops included a Fiddle Workshop with festival participants and locals exhibiting diverse styles. DrDosido's tape recorder was one of many that tried to capture the sounds in the echo-filled big hall or the more intimate library in Ida Noyes Hall. The two concert performances included here were recorded off the sound board for my daughter, who was then a young volunteer.

ID# Year Artist Home State Instrument Style / Ethnicity
HT017 1997 Milton Melancon; J.P. Fraley; & unknown bluegrass fiddler Louisiana; Kentucky fiddle Cajun; Anglo-American
HT020 1998 Art Stamper; Benton Flippen; Verlin Clifton; Chirps Smith; Paul Tyler; Rhys Jones; Vince Coombs Kentucky; North Carolina; Chicago fiddle; mandolin Anglo-American
HT021 1998 Art Stamper Kentucky fiddle Anglo-American
HT224 2008 Chirps Smith; Genevieve Harrison; Joe Samojedny; Paul Tyler Illinois fiddle Anglo-American
HT225 2008 Chirps Smith & the New Bad Habits Grayslake, Illinois fiddle & banjo Anglo-American
HT207 2008 Paul Brown North Carolina fiddle & banjo Anglo-American
HT241 2012 Jesse Wells; John Harrod; James Bryan; Paul Tyler; & others Kentucky; Alabama; Chicago fiddle Anglo-American
HT242 2012 James Bryan w/ Carl Jones Alabama fiddle Anglo-American
HT266 2015 Charlie Walden; Grainne Murphy; Andy Edmonds; & others Illinois; North Carolina fiddle Anglo-American; Irish
HT288 2020 Jamie Fox Montana fiddle Métis/Assiniboine & Gros Ventre

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Bluff Country Gathering

Another annual pilgrimage for the Midwestern old-time scene is the Gathering held in Lanesboro, Minnesota each May and hosted by folk musicians Gail Heil (RIP) and Bob Bovee. Daytime workshops, which are intimate and intensive, precede an evening concert and square dance. A highlight every year is the Fiddle Showcase held on Saturday afternoon.

ID# Year Artist Home State Instrument Style / Ethnicity
HT202 2001 Melvin Wine West Virgina fiddle Anglo-American
HT205 2007 Ken Keppeler & Jeannie McLerie New Mexico fiddle/Native Anglo-American
GL230 2008 Tom Sauber; Brad Leftwich; Alice Gerard; Chirps Smith; Stephanie Coleman; & Mac Traynham California; Illinois fiddle Anglo-American
HT236 2011 Tracy Schwarz; Ron Kane; Meghan Merker; Bruce Greene; Paul Tyler; Tim Foss; & Liz Amos West Virgina; Utah; North Carolina fiddle Anglo-American
HT255 2013 Paul Brown & the Mostly Mountain Boys North Carolina fiddle, banjo & guitar Anglo-American
GL275 2013 Paul Brown; Dan Gellert; Genevieve Harrison; & Chirps Smith North Carolina; Ohio; Illinois fiddle Anglo-American
HT261 2014 Bruce Molsky; Vesta Johnson; Steve Hall; Emily Schaad & Suzy Thompson Virgina; Missouri; California fiddle Anglo-American
HT269-270 2015 Dwight Lamb; Roger Cooper; Joseph Decosimo; Scott Miller; & Eryn Marshall Iowa; Kentucky; North Carolina fiddle Anglo-American
HT282-283 2018 Rafe Stefanini; Clelia Stefanini; Al Murphy; Tom Sauber; Mac Traynham West Virgina fiddle Anglo-American
HT285-286 2019 Claire Millener; Walt Koken; Earl White; Skip Gorman; Kate McLeod; & Paul Tyler Pennsylvania; Virgina; New Hamphire; Utah; Illinois fiddle Anglo-American
GL317-318 2022 Geoff Seitz; Dan Gellert; Henry Barnes; W.B. Reid; Bonnie Zahnow; & Liz Amos Missouri; South Carolina; Ohio; Washington; Pennsylvania fiddle Anglo-American

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Other Festivals, Camps & Jamborees

Some I attended as a workshop participant. At some I was a performer/instructor. At others I was there to observe.

ID# Year Artist Home State Event Style / Ethnicity
HT004-005 1982 Lisa Ornstein; George Wilson;  Mario Loiselle; Danielle Martineau Quebec; New York Fiddle & Dance Workshop (aka Root Camp) in Ashokan, New York Quebecois; Anglo-American
HT003 1982 Don Davis; Bob Dalsmer (square dance callers) North Carolina; Maryland Christmas Dance Week at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina Anglo-American
HT008 1994 Canray Fontenot Louisiana Augusta Heritage Workshops jam session at Davis-Elkins College in Elkins, West Virginia Afro-American/ Cajun
HT014 1994 Mel Durham w/ Tom Sauber Illinois to California California Traditional Music Society New Year's camp in Malibu Anglo-American
GL171 1994 Brad Leftwich Indiana to California California Traditional Music Society New Year's camp in Malibu Anglo-American
HT012 2/28/1995 unknown musicians Mamou, Louisiana Mardi Gras procession entering Mamou in early evening after perambulating the rural district, begining in the early morning Cajun
GL151 1996 Les Raber; & others Michigan Original Michigan Fiddlers Association Jamboree & Square Dance in Hart, Michigan Anglo-American
GL156 1997 Les Raber; Lloyd Kilt; & others Michigan Original Michigan Fiddlers Association Jamboree & Square Dance in Hastings, Michigan Anglo-American
HT013 1997 Frank George West Virginia Appalchian String Band Festival workshop at Camp Washington Carver in Clifftop, West Virginia Anglo-American
GL160 1997 Les Raber; Paul Gifford; & others Michigan North Central Regional Fiddlers Convention jam session & square dance in Hillsdale, Michigan Anglo-American
HT018 1997 Dwight Lamb; Nile Wilson; Pete McMahan; & others Iowa; Missouri Bethel Fiddlers Gathering in Bethel, Missouri Anglo-American
HT019 1997 Dwight Lamb; Nile Wilson; Pete McMahan; Bill Eddy; & Leroy Canaday Iowa; Missouri Mid-America Fiddle Contest in Bethel, Missouri Anglo-American
GL168 1998 Paul Dahlin; Liz Carroll; Les Raber; & Garry Harrison Minnesota; Michigan; Illinois Festival of American Fiddle Tunes at Centrum in Port Townsend, Washington Swedish; Anglo-American
HT023-024 1998 Eric Corrigan & Eddie Whalen; Glen Berry & Roger Cooper Quebec; Washington; Kentucky Festival of American Fiddle Tunes at Centrum in Port Townsend, Washington Quebecois; Anglo-American
HT303 2009 D.M.T.(A); Clayhill Boys; Kaisa Pudas; Chicago; Finland Rootsinpyhtää Festival in Ruotsinpyhtää, Finland Bluegrass; Anglo-American
GL245 2009 Bavarian Brass & unknown band Defiance, Ohio Hoagland Oktoberfest in Indiana Polka/ German
GL258 2011 Los Pichardo; Grease Gravy; Monroe Swiss Singers; Tuba Dan; Tani Diakite; Mai Zong Vue; & others Illinois; Wisconsin; Minnesota Midwest Folklife Festival at Folklore Village in Dodgeville, Wisconsin Swedish; Anglo-American
GL259 2011 Charlie Walden; & unknown players Illinois Illinois Fiddlers Association annual contest in Effingham, Illinois. (The contest was judged blind.) Swedish; Anglo-American
HT262 2014 Dwight Lamb; Fiddler Nelson; Renee Vaughan; Wayne Cathers Iowa; Minnesota; Mannitoba Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association festival Anglo-American

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Individual Artists

Recordings from my Chicago Years, 1986-present. (See also Folk Schools.)

ID# Date Artist Hometown Instrument Style / Ethnicity
GL173 4/8/1994 Sark Antaramian (interview) Niles, Illinois clarinet Armenian
GL141 7/16/1994 Les Raber (informal jam at Original Dulcimer Players Club Fun Fest in Evert, Michigan) Hastings, Michigan fiddle Anglo-American
HT011 2/25/1995 Aldus Roger; Marc Savoy; &c. (Saturday jam at Savoy Music Center in Eunice, Louisiana) Breaux Bridge, Louisiana accordion; fiddle Cajun
GL164 1995 Volo Bogtrotters (at Esperanza Barn Dance) Chicago string band Anglo-American
HT015 10/01/1996 Bruce Greene (informal jams in Chicago) Burnsville, North Carolina fiddle Anglo-American
GL157 10/6/1996 Bob Holt w/ Chirps Smith; Paul Tyler &c. (jam at Lake County Folk Club in Wauconda, Illinois Ava, Missouri fiddle Anglo-American
GL158 7/21/1997 Edgar Hursey Ligonier, Indiana fiddle Anglo-American
GL161 8/10/1997 Les Raber (interview at Hillsdale jamboree) Hastings, Michigan fiddle Anglo-American
GL165 2/27/1998 Les Raber w/ Paul Gifford Hastings, Michigan fiddle Anglo-American
GL166 4/19/1998 Lloyd Lalamondiere w/ Jim Nelson Festus, Missouri fiddle French
GL167 5/11/1998 Joe Dawson w/ Junior Fleener & Frank Hall Bloomington, Indiana fiddle Anglo-American
HT022 10/16/1998 Bruce Molsky (house concert in Chicago) Arlington, Virginia fiddle & banjo Anglo-American
HT201 7/11/2002 John Cohen w/ Chirps Smith; Joe Samojedny; Paul Tyler & Tony Scarimbolo (concert in Chicago) Putnams Valley, New York banjo; folksongs Anglo-American
GL223 2007 Frank Hall & Lena Ullman w/ Paul Tyler (jam in Chicago) Ireland fiddle & banjo Anglo-American
GL232 6/14/2008 Lee Sloan (interview) Traverse City, Michigan fiddle Anglo-American
GL233 1980 Ruby John w/ Lee Sloan, Jim Chesney & Paul Tyler Traverse City, Michigan fiddle Odawa
GL234 1948-49 Bill & Lucille Misner (found recordings digitized) Traverse City, Michigan fiddle; piano Anglo-American
GL237 2008 Chirps Smith & Paul Tyler (Warrenville Barn Dance) Grayslake, Illinois fiddle Anglo-American
GL234 2010 Gail Heil & Bob Bovee w/ Paul Tyler (Lanesboro Barn Dance) Spring Grove, Minnesota fiddle; guitar & harmonica Anglo-American
GL243 5/20/2009 Juan Rivera con Los Pichardo (concert at Colibri Gallery) Chicago Son Planeco Mexican
HT305 6/12/2009 Polka Chicks; JPP; & others (Kaustinen Folk Festival preview on Helsinki Day) Finland string band Finnish
HT306 6/13/2009 Patrik Weckman; Kaisa Pudas; & Paul Tyler (Saturday session at Old Anchor Inn in Helsinki) Finland; Chicago fiddle Finnish; Anglo-American
HT308 6/14/2009 Patrik Weckman; Ville Karinen; Anna Pudas; Paul Tyler; & others (Sunday session at Old Anchor Inn in Helsinki) Finland; Chicago fiddle Finnish; Anglo-American
HT309 7/11/2011 Ouch Savy (concert at Cambodian Association of Illinois in Chicago) Cambodia chapei dang veng Khmer
GL264 3/24/2012 Sean Cleland &c (set dancing at the Irish-American Heritage Center) Chicago fiddle Irish
GL270 9/23/2012 Chicago Spelmanslag; Arto, Antti & Mauno Järvelä; Maria McCullough & Yahvi Pichardo; Paul Tyler; & unknown others (jam at Estonian House in Deerfield, Illinois) Chicago; Finland fiddle Nordic; Finnish
GL278 9/23/2012 Chicago Spelmanslag (jam in Wheeling, Illinois) Chicago fiddle Nordic
HT312 10/28/2012 Patrik Weckman; & Paul Tyler (first Sunday session at Old Anchor Inn in Helsinki) Finland; Chicago fiddle Finnish; Anglo-American
HT315 11/4/2012 Tejia Niku; Vidar Skrede; Antti Järvelä; & Paul Tyler (jam at Musta Kissa in Helsinki) Finland; Chicago fiddle Finnish; Anglo-American
HT314 11/7/2012 Eeva Talsi; Villu Talsi; & Karoliina Kreintaal Tallin, Estonia fiddle Estonian
HT316 11/11/2012 Patrik Weckman; Ville Karinen; Wasel Arar; Kaisa Pudas; & Paul Tyler (last Sunday session at Old Anchor Inn in Helsinki) Finland; Chicago fiddle Finnish; Anglo-American
GL285 3/9/2013 Volo Bogtrotters (house concert in Batavia, Illinois) Chicago string band Anglo-Amerca
HT317 2013 Paul Hoglund (interview in Chicago) Rattvik, Sweden nyckleharpa Swedish
GL278 8/28/2013 Chicago Spelmanslag (jam in Wheeling, Illinois) Chicago fiddle Nordic
GL287 11/8/2014 Volo Bogtrotters w/ Pop Wagner (square dance at Urbana Folk & Roots Festival) Chicago; Wisconsin; Minnesota string band Anglo-Amerca
HT318 5/13/2015 Chicago Spelmanslag (workshop for Chicago Spelmanslag in Wheeling, Illinois) Denmark fiddle Danish
GL264 2015 Tom O'Malley; Mark Gunther; &c (Wednesday jam at the Irish-American Heritage Center) Chicago fiddle Irish
GL301 7/30/2015 Don Ricardo Ibarra & friends (at a backyard party in Cicero, Illinois Chicago fiddle & guitar Mexican/ Son Caletano
HT319 3/20/2016 Vidar Skrede w/ Paul & Maddy Tyler (session at the Captains Quarters in Haugesund) Haugesund, Norway fiddle Norwegian; Anglo-American
HT321 7/23/2017 Arne Anderdal; Vidar Skrede; Rebecca Brooke; & Paul Tyler (session at Gideon Welles in Chicago) Norway hardingfele; fiddle Norwegian; Irish; Anglo-American
GL306 9/3/2018 John Hall & Tim Anderson (jam in Wheeling, Illinois) Chicago nyckleharpa; mandolin Swedish
GL316 2021 Chicago Spelmanslag (jam in Glen Ellyn, Illinois) Chicago fiddle Nordic
GL319 7/24/2022 Dave Prine w/ Fred Campeau & Paul Tyler Maywood, Illinois oral history Anglo-American
GL320 7/24/2022 Chicago Spelmanslag (jam in Wheeling, Illinois) Chicago fiddle Nordic

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