Field Recording Events

Here are rosters of field recording sessions made during formal projects, most funded by grants. In some cases, I was an independent scholar (or graduate student). In others, I was a contracted freelance folklorist.
Highlighted names or instruments link to selected recordings by that artist from one or more events.
Highlighted IDs link to stories or field notes.

Indiana Hoedown: Traditional Music from the Hoosier State

Indiana Committee for the Humanities & Indiana Arts Commission grants, 1979-80

Recordings in Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana University.

ID# Date Event/Artist Hometown Instrument Style / Ethnicity
IH001 6/21/1979 Francis Geels Decatur fiddle traditional
IH005 8/25/1979 Fiddle Contest at Tri-State Gas Engine & Tractor Assoc. Reunion in Portland: Lowell Logan; Dillard Armstrong; Bob Leidigh; Adlie Hedges; &c. Muncie; Bryant; Defiance, Ohio; Portland fiddle bluegrass
IH007 9/15/1979 Hoagland Oktoberfest: Maumee Valley Polka Band; The Barons (Saturday) Napoleon, Ohio; Detroit accordion; brass &c. dance / German polka
IH008 9/16/1979 Hoagland Oktoberfest: The Imperials; The Vandenberg Orchestra (Sunday) Toledo, Ohio; Holland, Michigan accordion, brass &c. dance / German & Dutch polka
IH009 9/29/1979 Dale Alles & the Alles Family Band: Dance at Alles' Barn Roanoke accordion, electric guitar &c. square dance
IH010 10/11/1979 Herman Fox, Hugh Sowers & The Entertainers: At the Rudisill Senior Center in Fort Wayne Fort Wayne; Arcola concertina & fiddle German
IH011 10/12/1979 Herman Fox & Hugh Sowers & The Entertainers Fort Wayne; Arcola concertina & fiddle German
IH012 10/25/1979 Vic Rigsby Cromwell fiddle & banjo traditional; bluegrass
IH013 10/29/1979 Dillard Armstrong Ritchell Bowman & Collins Ciscon Bryant fiddle, mandolin & guitar bluegrass
IH014 10/29/1979 Adlie Hedges Portland fiddle traditional
IH015 10/30/1980 Noble Melton Indianapolis fiddle; interview traditional
IH016 11/8/1979 William Bernard Lee & Bill Hardy Nashville; Monroe County fiddle, guitar & vocals traditional; bluegrass
IH017 11/17/1979 David Hall with Mike & Marvin Flowers Monticello fiddle traditional; bluegrass
IH018 11/11/1979 Clay 'Pete' Smith with Country Bluegrass Star City fiddle & vocal traditional; country
IH019 11/13/1979 Francis Geels Decatur fiddle traditional
IH020 11/27/1979 Clay "Pete" Smith Star City fiddle; interview traditional
IH021 11/29/1979 Henry Rigsby with Vic Rigsby & Clella Rigsby Wawaka banjo & vocals traditional
IH022 11/29/1979 Ken Stonebreaker Albion fiddle traditional
IH023 11/30/1979 Toad Bradley Servia fiddle traditional
IH024 11/30/1979 Jam at the Bandstand in Wabash: Dave Johnson; Jim Cornell; & c. Wabash; Fort Wayne banjo, mandolin &c. bluegrass
IH025 12/13/1979 George & Dan Berger Fort Wayne accordion & trumpet German polka
IH026 12/15/1979 Donald Duff & the Duff Family Band Lebanon fiddle & vocals traditional; gospel
IH027 12/18/1979 Hector Phillips & the Patoka Valley Boys: In Bears Back Room in Bloomington Petersburg, Winslow fiddle, mandolin &c. traditional
IH028 12/20/1979 Eleanor Gianikeff Fort Wayne interveiw Macedonian
IH029 1/4/1980 Hector Phillips Petersburg fiddle traditional
IH030 1/8/1980 Julian Cramer Martinsville mandolin, guitar popular; ragtime
IH031 1/11/1980 Jam at the Bandstand in Wabash: Ray Moore; Kenny DeMarcus; &c. Servia; Wabash fiddle, vocals &c. bluegrass
IH032 1/12/1980 Fritz Ehrhart's German Band: Dance at the Fort Wayne Sport Club Fort Wayne accordion &c. dance / German
IH033 1/16/1980 James Acree Indianapolis vocals ballads & folksongs
IH034 1/16/1980 Edgar Hursey Ligonier fiddle & plectrum banjo traditional
IH035 1/17/1980 Dan Gellert Elkhart fiddle & banjo folk revival
IH036 1/19/1980 Linda Myers Decatur interview German
IH037 1/28/1980 Harold Zimmerman Convoy, Ohio to Fort Thomas, Kentucky fiddle traditional
IH038 1/31/1980 Roy Litton Lebanon interview
IH039 2/2/1980 Ray & Canton Moore (Moore Brothers); Toad Bradley Servia fiddle, mandolin &c. bluegrass
IH041 2/20/1980 John Hasse Bloomington piano; interview ragtime
IH042 2/21/1980 Frank Hall & Bob Herring Bloomington fiddle; interview folk revival
IH044 2/29/1980 Helen Reynolds Monroeville piano ragtime; popular
IH045 3/15/1980 Shorty Cook Fort Wayne interview hillbilly
IH046 4/17/1980 Homer Birge Lebanon vocals; harmonica traditional
IH050 4/20/1980 The Kastorians led by Pete Tsouklas: Dance for Philip of Macedon Society in Fort Wayne Crown Point clarinet, brass &c. dance/ Greek
IH051 4/22/1980 The Johnsons: Live at the Ground Round in Fort Wayne North Manchester banjo, mandolin &c. bluegrass
IH052 5/10/1980 Sandy & the Keynotes: Square dance at St. Louis Parish Hall in Besancon Fort Wayne accordion &c. square dance
IH053 5/12/1980 Steve Jugloff Fort Wayne interview Macedonian
IH055 5/24/1980 New Harmony Fiddlers Day: Ebert 'Mac' McClain; Hector Phillips; Stephanie White; Brian Hubbard; Billy & Teresa &c. Danville; Petersburg; New Albany; Bloomington fiddle, vocals &c. traditional; country
IH056 6/10/1980 Ken Smelser Paoli fiddle traditional
IH057 6/17/1980 Steve Duray Fort Wayne concertina & accordion Slovenian polka
IH058 6/17/1980 Jack Childress Wabash banjo, vocals &c. old-time; bluegrass
IH059 6/21/1980 Beamon Wille Band & Mark Oliphant (caller): Square dance at the Linton Armory Bloomfield; Indianapolis fiddle; calling square dance
IH061 7/8/1980 Dallas Henderson Indianapolis banjo traditional
IH062 7/15/1980 Mark Oliphant Greene County to Indianapolis interview square dance caller
IH063 7/16/1980 Wednesday Night Dance: Brad Leftwich; Brian Hubbard; Gary Stanton; Steve Hinnefeld; & c. Bloomington fiddle, banjo &c; interview square dance; folk revival
IH064 7/19/1980 Dale Alles & the Alles Family Band: Dance at Alles' Barn Roanoke accordion, electric guitar, banjo &c. square dance
IH065 8/9/1980 Ebert 'Mac' McClain Danville fiddle traditional
IH066 8/10/1980 Oscar "Butch" Kunkler & Herb Obermeyer as Obie & Ossie Fulda fiddle, guitar & vocals German
IH067 8/10/1980 Satkamp Family, featuring Wayne Satkamp Stendahl fiddle, guitar, vocals &c. country / German
IH068 8/12/1980 Fritz Ehrhart Fort Wayne diatonic accordion German polka

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Indiana Hoedown: Found Recordings

ID# Year Artist Title/Description Reference Homeyown
IH002 1948-49 Joe Taylor & the Indiana Redbirds 78s recorded at Universal Studios in Chicago Joe Taylor Fort Wayne
IH003 c1950 The Downhomers radio transcriptions & commercial discs Shorty Cook Fort Wayne
Nancy Lee & the Hilltoppers WOWO broadcasts
transcription dubs
Sam DeVincent Fort Wayne
IH040 1979 Easy Street String Band recorded at WFIU studios Frank Hall; Bob Herring Bloomington
IH043 1950-58 Hoosier Cornhuskers; Prairie Pioneers; Barbara Price & the Golden River Boys air tests Pete Smith; Bob Homan Fort Wayne
IH047 1948 Blackhawk Valley Boys; Karl Conner; Jeanne Bostleman radio transcriptions & air tests Donald Lake Fort Wayne
IH048 1946-47 The Downhomers; Blackhawk Valley Boys; Judy & Jen; & c. excerpts from the 'Hoosier Hop' on WOWO Donald Lake Fort Wayne
IH049 1942-59 Homer Lovell & Friends home recordings by Joe Fannestock of Greenville, Ohio Doris Lovell Winchester
IH054 1957 Francis Geels; Jay Dickerson; Joe Taylor; Charlie Walters; & c. excerpts from WGL broadcasts Joe Taylor Fort Wayne
IH060 1950c Elia E. Calcoff Orchestra; Bill Skimos Band recorded at WOWO studios Steve Jugloff Fort Wayne
IH069 1940c Frank Wisehart home recordings made at Wabash College Roy Litton Frankfurt
1970s Bill Skimos Band Balkan Folk Music; Balkan Folk Music 2 Bill Skimos Fort Wayne
IH072 1960 Joe Altman & the Spaasmachers St. Meinrad centennial LP Oscar Kunkler St. Meinrad
IH073 1980c The Wolcott Family LP donation Ellettsville
IH074 1977 The Patoka Valley Boys Pike County Pickin' Hector Phillips Petersburg
IH075 1980 Hector Phillips & the Patoka Valley Boys self-titled LP Hector Phillips Petersburg
IH076 1970s Green Mountain Grass The Old Home Place Vic Rigsby Noble County
IH077 1979 Collins Cisco & the KY Grass Down Home Fever Dillard Armstong Portland
IH078 1979 Shady Grove String Band First Deal Adlie Hedges Muncie
IH079 1980 Wildwood Flowers If the Truth Were Known David Hall Monticello
IH080 1970s The Moore Brothers with the Pike County Hikers Sounds of Bluegrass Ray Moore Servia
IH082 1980 The Johnsons Regressive Bluegrass David Johnson North Manchester
IH083 1970s Steve Jugloff Son of Electric Macedonian Steve Jugloff Fort Wayne
IH084 1970s The Tri-County Travelers Authentic Bluegrass Jack Childress Wabash
IH085 1950c Curley Bradley & the Harmoneers; The Prairie Ramblers; & c. radio transcriptions donation Chicago

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Graduate School projects & dissertation research

Indiana University Folklore Institute, 1976-88

Recordings in Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana University

This first set of fieldwork events led to my enrollment in the Folklore Department at IU. They were made for an independent project at a previous graduate school program at Wayne State University in Detroit, but are marred by technical issues.

ID# Date Event/Artist Hometown Instrument Style / Ethnicity
IH301 12/26/1976 Carl Bischoff Decatur fiddle; zither Anglo-American; German
IH302 12/27/1976 Herman Fox Fort Wayne concertina German; Anglo-American
IH303 12/29/1976 Fred Flauding Bluffton folksongs; harmonica
IH304 12/28/1976 Clara Flaugh Franke Monroeville interview German
IH305 12/29/1976 Francis Geels Decatur interview

Many of the recordings I made in 1981 were subcontracted by David A. Brose's "Ohio-Indiana Folklife," a project funded by an Indiana Arts Council grant. Those events marked with an asterisk (*) were executed for Dr. Warren Roberts summer seminar in fieldwork, held in Dubois County. All of these recordings are held by the Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana University.

GL009 7/16/81 Millard Barger Paragon fiddle
GL010 7/23/81 James Atkinson Lebanon to Indianapolis fiddle; piano traditional; ragtime
GL011 7/17/81 Ken Smelser & Mousey Wininger Paoli fiddle; piano
GL012 1981 Ken Smelser Paoli fiddle
GL013* 08/05/81 Gus's Gang: Senior Citizens dance at the Huntingburg Youth Center Huntingburg dance band
GL014* 8/10/81 Powell Cummings & Ken Smelser Cuzco; Paoli fiddle
GL015* 8/12/81 The Satkamp Family: Senior Citizens dance at the Huntingburg Youth Center Stendahl dance band; square dance Anglo-American; German
GL016* 8/15/81 Walter & Brian Seitz Dubois fiddle; banjo; country
GL017* 8/15/81 Herb Wenning & Family Portersville fiddle; dance calls Anglo-American; German
GL018* 8/15/81 Fiddle Contest at Haysville Somerfest: Herb Wenning; Sharon Wenning; Hoyt ---; &c. Dubois County fiddle
GL019* 8/15/81 Louise & the Country Gentlemen: dance at Haysville Somerfest Dubois County dance band Anglo-American; German
GL020* 9/??/81 Walter Zuercher Berne accordion; music box Swiss
GL021* 9/26/81 Harold Haug Ferdinand fiddle Anglo-American; German
GL022* 09/26/81 Joe Witzberger & the Rhythmaires: Wedding Anniversary Dance in St. Henry Ferdinand mandolin; dance band Anglo-American; German
GL023 1981 Everett 'Smoky' Morgan Eckerty fiddle
AF068 1981 Lotus & Cyprien Dickey at home: tunes recorded by David A. Brose Paoli fiddle
AF069 1981 Cyprien & Lotus Dickey at home: songs recorded by David A. Brose Paoli folksongs; vernacular songs
GL024 11/19/81 Lotus Dickey: concert at IU Fine Arts Auditorium (for Folklore classes) Paoli fiddle; folksongs; original songs
GL026 11/27/81 Ken Smelser with Brad Leftwich Paoli; Bloomington fiddle

My PhD dissertation ended up focusing on social dance, and the relationship between the square dance and polka revival communities in a northern Indiana rural district. It could have gone differently, as Midwestern fiddling was an equally intriguing topic. The next set of recording events is dominated by dissertation research, but also shows the growing impact of Lotus Dickey, spanning my move to Chicago in 1986.

GL044 07/11/82 Buck Creek Bluegrass: square dance at Virgil Fulford's barn in Hindustan Hindustan, Monroe County square dance; bluegrass
GL031 7/26/82 Ervin Williams Oxford fiddle
IH307 9/18/83 Hoagland Oktoberfest (Sunday): Maumee Valley Polka Band; Sound of the Sorgenbrecher Napoleon, Ohio; Detroit dance band German / polka
IH308 10/9/83 Hoagland Grape Fest at Quixote Hills: Maumee Valley Polka Band (sponsored by Hoagland Volunteer Fire & EMS) Napoleon, Ohio; Defiance, Ohio dance band German / polka
IH309 9/20/85 Hoagland Oktoberfest (Friday): Bavarian Brass Defiance, Ohio dance band German / polka
IH310 9/21/85 Hoagland Oktoberfest (Saturday): The Echoes; Maumee Valley Polka Band Warren, Michigan; dance band German / polka
IH311 9/22/85 Hoagland Oktoberfest (Sunday): Sound of the Sorgenbrecher; Bavarian Brass Detroit; Defiance, Ohio dance band German / polka
IH312 1985 Hoagland Hayloft Reunion: Adventure Music with Al Vachon (caller) Hoagland, Fort Wayne square dance band traditional; vernacular
GL043 1985 Wright Brothers: At Springs Valley High School in French Lick French Lick to Carmel country band
GL034 1986 Lotus Dickey: On Music Down Home with Paul Tyler & Bob Lucas Paoli, Bloomington fiddle; folksongs; original songs
GL035 1986-87 Lotus Dickey & Paul Tyler: Orange County Fiddle Tune Project Paoli, Bloomington fiddle
GL037 1986-87 Lotus Dickey: miscellaneous folksongs recorded by Pat Mahaffee and Paul Tyler Paoli fiddle; folksongs; original songs
GL039 c1982c Lotus Dickey: Greatest Hits (home recording) Paoli fiddle; folksongs; original songs
GL038 5/19/87 Cyprien Dickey & Lotus Dickey Paoli fiddle
GL036 1988 Lotus Dickey: Lotus Dickey's Original Songs (home recording) Paoli fiddle; folksongs; original songs
GL042 6/4/1988 Mefford Scott &c.: Raleigh Community Club saturday night dance Raleigh square dance; dance band traditional; swing
GL040 4/6/1989 Lotus Dickey with Dickey's Disciples: recording session at the Old Town School of Folk Music Paoli; Chicago fiddle
IH313-316, IH318-323 1985-88 various participants interviews at home near Hoagland, Indiana

IH317 5/20/1988 Al Vachon home visit square dance caller
Anglo-American; French
IH324 6/18/1988 Marvin Scheumann home visit former musician

IH325 6/19/1988 Amos Kline home visit venue operator

IH326 6/19/1988 Norvin 'Snorty' Bultemeier home visit near Decatur, Indiana event producer

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Folk Arts Survey of Central & Southern Illinois

Eastern Illinois University School of Fine Arts, 1983 & 1991-92

Original recordings made by Paul Tyler and fieldwork associate John Holliday are in Tarble Arts Center at EIU in Charleston. A small selection of recordings were dubbed for DrDosido's personal collection. A double asterisk (**) marks recordings not held by DrDosido.

ID# Date Event/Artist Hometown Instrument Style / Ethnicity
** 7/6/1983 The Merry Melodeers: Cecil Terneus & Rowena Mears Decatur fiddle & piano pop songs
** 7/8/1983 Veston Hatfield & Estol "Buss" Hazelbaker Muncie fiddle & guitar traditional
GL104 7/17/ & 9/10/1983 Sunday service & choir rehearsal at St Johns Missionary Baptist Church: Rev. James Rice & Olivia Glass Decatur worship service; choir Afro-American
GL101 7/18/1983 Mervin "Skeet" Evans & Kenny Williams w/ Arlin Dietz Decatur, Shelbyville old time songs; fiddle
** 7/19/1983 Church of God Camp Meeting at Camp Warren. With Joe Page & others. Decatur worship service; Gospel
** 7/20/1983 Nellie & Bill Berry Maroa piano & harmonica popular & traditional
** 7/28/1983 Joe Page's Band (at Hank's Stonewood Inn) Decatur fiddle & guitar
** 7/29/1983 Wayne Carter's Band (at Nick of Time) Decatur keyboards jazz; blues
** 7/30/1983 Country jam session in Potomac town park Potomac guitar &c.
** 7/31/1983 Mason Temple Church of God in Christ Danville Gospel Afro-American
** 7/31/1983 Bluegrass jam at Kickapoo State Park with Lawrence "Farmer" Stultz & others Danville fiddle; banjo; &c. bluegrass
GL106 8/13/1983 Cecil Polley - recorded by John Holliday Witt fiddle
GL107 8/18/1983 Archie Smothers - recorded by John Holliday Pana fiddle
GL109 8/1/1983 Raymond Massey Camargo ballads & folksongs
GL103 9/7/1983 Mervin 'Skeet' Evans with Linda Dust Shelbyville ballads; folksongs
** 9/8/1983 Music party with Millard Meeks, Jerry Hardiman & others. Camargo guitar &c. country
** 9/10/1983 Hank & Mike Haynes Decatur tenor banjo; guitar Irish songs; folk songs
GL102 9/10/1983 Bill Rutherford (caller) & Glenn Abbott (fiddle): Square dance at LaPlace Community Hall Decatur, Mattoon square dance; fiddle
GL105 9/11/1983 Robert Valentine; Jim Smith Monticello fiddle
GL108 9/12/1983 Charles Keele Westville fiddle
** 9/12/1983 Tennessee Street Travelers with Bill & Twylla Wadhams, also Jim Mitchell & Allen Wait Danville guitar &c.
Bluegrass Gospel
** 9/25/1983 Country jam session at the Murdock Village Hall with Clarence Ingram, Randy Bartlett & others Murdock fiddle; guitar; &c.
** 9/25/1983 Andy Symanski's Band Danville fiddle; &c. swing; popular
** 9/25/1983 Abundant Life Tabernacle Danville Gospel Afro-American
GL110 1983 Illinois fiddlers recorded by John Holiday: Cecil Polley; Arlin Dietz; Archie Smothers; & c. various fiddle
GL111 11/24/1991 Jim Hoiles Greenville fiddle
GL114 12/14/1991 Illinois Fiddler's Association meeting in Shelbyville various fiddle
GL115 2/7/1992 Johnny Barnhart Sorrento fiddle
GL116 2/10/1992 Tom McElroy Tower Hill fiddle
GL117 2/10/1992 Ernest Ringo Shelbyville fiddle

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Ethnic Dance Music in Indiana

Indiana Arts Commission grant, 1986-87

Recordings in Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana University.

ID# Date Event/Artist Hometown Instrument Style / Ethnicity
IH201 10/11/1986 Dance at the Sunset Hall in Fort Wayne: Los Casadores; Los Gorionceros [sp?] Marion accordion; bajo sexto &c. dance / Tejano
IH202 11/1/1986 Bill Skimos Band: Macedonian Ball at Shrine Auditorium Fort Wayne clarinet, accordion &c. dance / Macedonian
IH203 11/8/1986 Milan Opacich with the Drina Orchestra: at the Old Mill Restaurant in Merrillville
Schererville prim, brac &c. tamburitza / Serbian & Croatian
IH204 12/6/1986 Bill Skimos Fort Wayne interview Macedonian
IH205 12/6/1986 Justus III: Hoagland Country Club dance at U.A.W. Hall in Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne electric guitar, keyboard &c. square dance
IH206 1/31/1987 Vietnamese New Year's: Loi Tran Vu Hien; Ngo Nguyen &c. Fort Wayne vocals, keyboard &c. Vietnamese
IH207 2/10/1987 Dan Danilovich & youth folk dance group at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church Calumet City, Illinois; Merrillville interview; dance rehearsal Serbian
IH208 3/1/1987 Orchestra Balkan: Dance at S/S Peter & Paul Macedonian Orthodox Church Gary accordion &c. dance / Macedonian
IH209 3/26/1987 Star Serenaders: At the Golden Shell in Chicago Hammond brac; bugarija &c. tamburitza / Serbian & Dalmatian
IH210 4/19/1987 Performance at S/S Peter & Paul in Gary: Ljupko Milensovic with Balkanske Igre folk dance troupe Chicago kaval, guida & accordion South Slavic
IH211 4/19/1987 Pelister: Dance at S/S Peter & Paul in Gary Waukegan, Illinois accordion &c. dance / Macedonian
IH212 4/20/1987 Jerry Kurdys' Polka Party: Radio show & dance for Dyngus Day at Mike Berta's Place South Bend accordion &c. dance; polka / Polish
IH213 4/24/1987 Neo Kyma (New Wave): Dance at S/S Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Merrillville Addison, Illinois (event in Merrillville, Indiana) keyboards, bouzouki &c. dance / Greek
IH214 4/24/1987 Star Serenaders: At Marvin's in Highland Hammond brac; bugarija &c. tamburitza / Serbian & Dalmatian
IH215 5/24/1987 United Serbs: Dance at St. Elijah's Serbian Orthodox Church in Crown Point Caumet City, Illinois accordion, keyboard &c. dance / Serbian
IH216 11/29/1987 Steve Deanovich Hammond interview Serbian & Dalmatian

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Folk Arts Survey of Waukegan & Zion, Illinois

David Adler Cultural Center, 1987 & 1990

Original recordings at DACC in Libertyville, Illinois. A small selection of recordings were dubbed for DrDosido's personal collection. A double asterisk (**) marks recordings not held by DrDosido.

ID# Date Event/Artist Hometown Instrument Style / Ethnicity
 ** 5/15/1987 Julie Weakley with Just the Three of Us
Waukegan brac, bugarija & bass tamburitza / Croatian
GL118 5/16/1987 El Conjunto Fortuna; Tropical del Valle: El Gran Baile Waukegan acordeon, bajo sexto &c.; keyboards, saxophone &c. Musica Norteña / Tejano; Mexican
 ** 5/17/1987 Jane Gregorin Bena  with Waukegan Midwest Polka Showcase: At Vy's Yellow Bird in Antioch Waukegan (event in Antioch) button box accordions, saxophone &c. polka / Slovenian
 ** 5/22/1987 Jerry Emerzian Waukegan oud, dumbek Armenian
 ** 5/24/1987 St. Nicholas Serbian Church youth folk dance groups in Merrillville, Indiana Waukegan folk dance Serbian
GL119 5/27/1987 Raymond Podboy Waukegan button box accordion Slovenian
 ** 6/9/1987 Bill Jereb with Slovenic Home Choral Society Waukegan vocal Slovenian
GL120 6/11/1987 Don Adams Wadsworth caller old-time
EF140 6/12/1987 Arvid Anderson Waukegan accordion Norwegian
GL121 6/17/1987 Warren Lauer Wildwood accordion, harmonica old-time
 ** 6/28/87 Stanley Assee with the Mellotones Steel Band Waukegan steel pans Afro-Caribbean
 ** 7/28/1987 Osmo Puistolahti with Sibelius Male Chorus Gurnee vocal & guitar Finnish
GL122 8/1/1987 Trini Esparza El Conjunto Fortuna Waukegan acordeon, bajo sexto &c. Tejano (Norteña)
 ** 8/4/1987 Lilia Briones * with Ballet Folklorico de San Jose Waukegan folk dance Mexican
GL123 8/9/1987 Mellotones Steel Band; Filipino American Association dancers at Waukegan Lakefront Festival Waukegan steel pans; folk dance Afro-Caribbean; Filipino
GL124 10/1/1987 Jerry Emerzian Waukegan oud Armenian
GL125 11/1/1987 Emil Swanson Zion mandolin, fiddle old-time
 ** 1990 Trini Esparza con Los Ecos del Norte: recorded by Juan Dies Waukegan bajo sexto, vocal musica nortena / Tejano
 ** 1990 unnamed performer: recorded by Juan Dies Zion vocals Hindustani
GL132 1990 John Campbell Zion Afro-American piano blues

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Old-Time Fiddling in Wyoming

Wyoming Arts Foundation, 1987

ID# Date Event/Artist Hometown Instrument Style / Ethnicity

Data will be added

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Miscellaneous Grants

Some projects produced field recordings. Others resulted in historical documentation and analysis.

ID# Artist Summary/Comment

Southern Illinois University Museum & Urban Traditions, "Folk and Ethnic Arts: A Statewide Survey," 1984.
Fieldworker in three rural communities. Reported on visual arts. (See A Feeling for Life: Cultural Identity, Community and the Arts, by Margy McClain, 1988.)

Folklorist-in-Residence at Morton East High School, Cicero, Illinois, 1993.
Advised teachers on using folk arts in curriculum. Organized ethnic arts folk festival.

no ID# Cicero Concertina Circle In March 1993, I visited a Friday night session of a loosely organized group of Polish concertinists (Chemnitzer-style) that met in a Cicero Park District fieldhouse. No recording was made.
GL172 Bohemian-American Concertina Club On 3/18/1993, I recorded the regular Friday night rehearsal of this community orchestra that has been in existence since the turn of the 20th century. (I was also given a recording of uncertain provenance of the ensemble giving a public performance.)

Indiana Heritage Research Fellowship, Indiana Committee for the Humanities, 1997.
“A Retrospective on Traditional Fiddling in Indiana” for Indiana Fiddlers Gathering, Inc.
"A Classified and Annotated Inventory of Written Sources" containing 293 items.

Weinburg Fellowship for Independent Scholars, Newberry Libray, Chicago, 1998.
“A History of Traditional Fiddling in the Old Northwest: Analysis of Select 19th and 20th Century Tune Collections.”

Producer/Folklorist for Illinois Humanities Council, Chicago, 2002-05
Folk Songs of Illinois #2: Fiddlers, a CD and booklet in a series distributed by University of Illinois Press.
Also consulted on #1 and #3 in the series.

GL201 various Studio sessions with Chirps Smith & Stephanie Coleman; Liz Carroll; Mary Allsopp; Polish Highlanders; & Sones de Mexico
GL202 Artie P. Crowder Obtained copy of recording made by Ron Brown at his home in Harvey, Illinois in 1977.
GL203 various Obtained copies of selected recordings made by Garry Harrison of Charleston, Illinois, circa 1976.
GL205-206 Harvey "Pappy" Taylor& Noah Beavers Obtained copies of 1977 & 1979 recordings from the Tarble Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University.
GL207 Marti Kapugi Interviewed at his home in Chicago in 2005 about the Kapugi Brothers Tamburitza orchestra, and especially violinists Bela Balog and Mel Dokich.
GL208 Don Peterson Interviewed by telephone in his home in Paxton, Illinois about Swedish Music in Chicago. Obtained demo recording from the Nordic Cowboys.
GL209 Henry Hall Obtained copy of 1953 recording in the David McIntosh Collection from the Museum at Southern Illinois University.
EF200 Anita Olsen Interviewed by telephone in her home in Oak Park about Swedish ensemble that included her father Sigurd Olsen and fiddler John Sens. Eventually obtained copies of recordings made by Tyler Wilson in 1974 & 1975.
EF211 Kerry Nyen Interviewed by telephone in his home in Belvidere, Illinois about the music of his family. Obtained cassette album: Nyen's Nordic Band . . . Plays Old Time Music.

Field researcher for Starr-Gennett Foundation, 2005.
Gathered oral histories of musicians who recorded at Gennett Records studios in the early 1930s and of former employees of Starr Piano Company in Richmond, Indiana.

GL215 Robert Hilbert Interviewed at his home in Eaton, Ohio. Obtained copies of 78 phonodiscs he had recorded with Wing's Rocky Mountain Ramblers in 1934 (AO350).
HT209 Hoyt "Slim" Bryant Interviewed via telephone hookup at his home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Obtained copies of 78 phonodiscs he had recorded with Clayton McMichen's Georgia Wildcats in 1933.

Field Researcher for Smithsonian Folklife Center/Old Town School of Folk Music, 2005-06.
Interviews and planning for “Latino Music in Chicago,” leading to performances, exhibitions and interpretations as part of Nuestra Música at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, 2006.

GL218 Juan Dies Interviewed at the Old Town School of Folk Music about his role in starting the La Peña concert series in the 1990s and establish the ensemble Sones de Mexico.
GL219 Victor Pichardo; Pedro Gomez; Henry Roa Interviewed at home or at the Old Town School of Folk Music about their parts in Sones de Mexico, the local mariachi scene and family music, and Ballet Folklorico de Chicago.

Music and History Researcher & Consultant, 2004 & 2007-08.
For The Hayloft Gang: The Story of the WLS National Barn Dance, an independently produced video documentary broadcast on WTTW-Chicago and the Public Broadcasting Service.

Master-Apprentice Program, Illinois Arts Council. 2014 & 2015.
Old-Time Dance Fiddling with apprentice Judy Higgins.

Master-Apprentice Program, Illinois Arts Council. 2018.
Old-Time Square Dance Calling with apprentice Kolleen Blume.

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A Report on 50 Years of Indiana Folk Music, 1938-1988

Archives of Traditional Music

Summer Repository Research Fellowship, Institute of Advanced Studies, Indiana University-Bloomington, 2016.

From the ATM's holdings, I indexed and mapped 283 collections of folk music made in Indiana over the course of a half century. It starts with Alan Lomax's visit in 1938, the earliest collection with sound recordings. It stops with DrDosido's collections made in the late 1980s. A review of IU's library catalog displays a curious shift in collections deposited in the ATM by folklore and ethnomusicology graduate students. Interest in local music traditions apparently waned in favor of documenting other global musics. Based on personal interactions with recent graduate students, there are some signs that point to a re-emerging interest in local music-making.

The following roster lists collections for which I have sample recordings. They are grouped by demographics: Anglo-American, European Ethnic and Minority Ethnic. Within each group, they are listen chronologically. The following roster shows little from the 1980s. The last years of the half century indexed are mostly collections by David A. Brose (uncatalogued to date) and by DrDosido. The former are listed above.


ID# Year Artist Collector Hometown Style / Ethnicity
IH-402 1938 Thomas Bryant; Alan Lomax Collection - English (Lomax 38c) various ballads & folksongs; fiddle
IH-423 1941 various Herbert Halpert Collection (Halpert 41) various folksongs; bawdy songs
IH-416 1949 Hammy Hinkle & Dale McClung Joseph Raben Collection (Raben 49) Bloomington fiddle
IH-421 1955 Homer Arthur; Metford Willingham; Lee Watkins Richard Castner Collection (Castner 55) Monroe County fiddle
IH-422 1956 South Family; Jimmy Campbell; Guthrie Meade Collection (Meade 56) Dolan
IH-415 1957 Shelby Thompson Robert Black Collection (Black 57) Bloomington folksongs
IH-405 1960 Thurman Percifield; Lucinda Rhodes; Eudora Kelly; &c Donald Winkelman Collection (Winkelman 60) Brown County folksongs; fiddle tunes; square dance
IH-408 1960 Harriet Hyden Jerry Kline Collection (Kline 60) Ellettsville folksongs; guitar
IH-434 1960 C. Robert Keppel Jerome Wenker Collection (Wenker 60) Monroe County folksongs
IH-407 1962 Roger Richardson Judy McCulloh Collection (McCulloh 62b) Martinsville fiddle
IH-410 1962 Bill Turpin; Joybells Gospel Quartet; Eugene McCoslin; &c Bruce Jackson Collection (Jackson 62b) Michigan City country; gospel
IH-413 1962 Roger Richardson Judy McCulloh Collection (McCulloh 62c) Martinsville fiddle
IH-418 1962 Eddie Crum; Sam McGuire Judy McCulloh Collection (McCulloh 62a) Harrodsburg fiddle; folksongs
AF-033 1962-64 Ella Parker; Anna Underhill; Oscar Parks; Virgil Sandage Art Rosenbaum Collection (Rosenbaum 61-64] multiple ballads & folksongs
IH-437 1962-76 Bernard Lee, Loren Parker & Pat Dunford Pat Dunford Collection 1962-76 (Dunford - Indiana) multiple fiddle; banjo; ballads & folksongs
IH-412 1963 Sister Grace Hillenberg; Elder Frank Quillen Bruce Jackson Collection (Jackson 63) Bloomington gospel
AF-030 1963-66 John W. Summers Art Rosenbaum Collection (Rosenbaum 66) Wabash County fiddle
AF-031 1964 Vern Smelser Art Rosenbaum Collection (Rosenbaum 64) Paoli ballads & folksongs
AF-032 1964 Ken Smelser Art Rosenbaum Collection (Rosenbaum 64) Paoli fiddle
IH-438 1964 Rev. W.W. Cissna Rev. W.W. Cissna Collection (Cissna 64) Warrocl hymns
IH-420 1971 Hector Phillips; Tony Rothrock; Ed Riley; Albert Swain; &c Ed Riley Collection (Riley 71) Pike County fiddle
IH-435 1972 Alva May; Luther May; Harry Baker John Ream Collection (Ream 72) Smithville fiddle, mandolin
IH-424 1974-75 W.E. Fisher Robert Cogswell-Gary Stanton Collection (Cogswell 75) Bedford fiddle
IH-440 1975 Zion Hill Assembly of God; Trinity Pentacostal; Rev. Curtis; Paula Tadlock & Meryl Gordon Collection (Tadlock 75) Dubois County gospel
IH-425 1981 Lena Watson & Nellie Martin; George Williamson & Mabel Damron; &c Mary Hufford Collection (Hufford 81) multiple gospel, country, fiddle

European Ethnic

IH-403 1938 Josephine Caney; Doyle Joyce & chorus; Leah McCoy Maille Alan Lomax Collection - French (Lomax 38b) Vincennes folksongs / French
IH-404 1938 Joni Easch & Elias F. Bontrager Alan Lomax Collection - Amish (Lomax 38c) Goshen hymns / German
IH-433 1951 Georgia Tarsouli George Herzog Collection (Herzog 51) Bloomington lullabies; folksongs / Greek
IH-401 1952-53 various Harriet Munn Collection (Munn 52) various Multi-ethnic
IH-442 1953 Rose Valley; &c. Alfred Pouinard Collection (Pouinard 53) Vincennes folksongs / French
IH-414 1960 Mrs. William Hamilton John McGinnis Collection (McGinnis 60a) Columbus folksongs / German
IH-411 1961 Mallah Mordah & Grace Nefouse Bruce Jackson Collection (Jackson 61) Indianapolis Sephardic songs / Jewish
IH-406 1966 Kastorians; Elizabeth Dioff; Rev. & Mrs. Boris Georgiev Peter Gold Collection (Gold 66) Crown Point; Indianapolis dance music / Macedonian; Bulgarian
IH-417 1975 David Shaftman; Nathan Shaftman; Dick Stafford; Sam Horowitz Rebecca Shaftman Collection (Shaftman 75) Indianapolis sacred songs / Jewish
IH-432 1975 New Lituanus Band; Lithuanian Student Choral Group Elena Bradunas Collection: Banquet of Lithuanian Hunters and Fisherman (Bradunas 75) Lake County choral songs; dance band / Lithuanian
EF-015 1976 The Drina Band Richard March [March 76] Gary Tamburitza
EF-016 1976 Linda Pappas & the Trio Richard March [March 76] Gary Greek
IH-436 1976 Mini-Tones John Hasse Collection (Hasse 76b) Lake County dance band / Greek

Minority Ethnic

IH-443 1960 Inez Maria Fonseca; &c Mike Lieber Collection: Brazilian, Persian (Lieber 60) Bloomington folksongs / Brazilian
IH-428 1962 Traveling Inner Lights Art Rosenbaum Collection (Rosenbaum 62a) Indianapolis gospel / Afro-American
IH-444 1965 unknown Frank Gillis Collection: Powwow (Gillis 65) multiple Powwow / American Indian
IH-409 1966 Yank Rachell & Shirley Griffith Neil Rosenberg Collection (Rosenberg 66) Indianapolis blues / Afro-American
IH-426 1966 Iron Eyes Cody & Iron Eyes Cody, Jr.; Robideaux Boys; &c Gerald Johnson Collection: Gary Powwow (Johnson 66) multiple pow-wow / American Indian
IH-427 1968 United Male Chorus Richard Dorson Collection: preliminary Gary Project (Dorson 68) Gary Gospel / Afro-American
IH-439 1970 Rev. E.D. Butler; Second Baptist Church Rev. E.D. Butler Collection (Butler 70) Monroe County gospel
IH-429 1974 Yank Rachell & Shirley Griffith Robert Cogswell-John Hasse Collection: concert at Indiana University (Cogswell 74) Indianapolis Blues / Afro-American
IH-431 1974 Helen Hartfield; & congregation; & choir John Hasse Collection: Mercy Mission broadcasts and choir rehearsal (Hasse 74) Bloomington gospel / Afro-American
IH-430 1976 various John Hasse Collection: Afro-American gospel (Hasse 76a) - excerpts from 76-133-B/F] various Gospel / Afro-American
IH-441 1976 various Phyllis May & Jean Kaplan Collection (May 76) Indianapolis jump rope rhymes / Afro-American

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