Jim & Kim Lansford tonight

Jim & Kim
Jim & Kim Lansford

JIM & KIM LANSFORD from Galena, Missouri
Friday, July 16, 8 pm
Leadway Bar & Gallery (5233 N. Damen)

Show up tonight and register at the door. Dues are $15 for this meeting.
The registration link at oldtownschool.org is no longer working.

And here’s Jim & Kim with a medley of tunes from the nineteenth century.
These are great!

New Harmony/The Brides Reel

Tunes from Jim Lansford

Jim Lansford hails from Galena, Missouri. He’s learned first-hand from some of the best Missouri and Ozark fiddlers of the late 20th century and has carried the traditional sound forcefully into the 21st. His wife, Kim, is an accompanist second to none.

Here are a couple of fine tunes from the middle of the U.S.
From Cyrill Stinnett of Braymer, Missouri.
Grey Eagle in C

Grey Eagle in C slow

From Uncle Bunk Williams, an Ozark fiddler
Daylight in the Morning fiddle & guitar

Daylight in the Morning slow

Jim Lansford

Jim & Kim Lansford will be performing at a Fiddle Club of the World meeting, 8:00pm on Friday, July 16 at the Leadway Bar & Gallery (5233 N. Damen) in Chicago.

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Jim & Kim Lansford – July 16

Jim & KimJim & Kim Lansford
from Galena, Missouri
Friday, July 16, 8 pm
Leadway Bar & Gallery
(5233 N. Damen)
This is strong music. Not only because of the considerable talents of this duo, but because their tunes and songs are deeply rooted in rural American life and tradition. Great fiddling and heartful singing. Don’t miss this.

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Hear here . . .

Pretty Polly Ann

Meet Me in the Moonlight

Swamp Lake Reel