Notes for David Greely tunes

Last minute help for those who want to come prepared for tonight’s jam.
We’ll be upstairs in E324 in the Old Town School East building (4545 Lincoln), one floor above the Global Dance Party in Szold Hall. The acoustics in our new building are phenomenal.

Some answers to questions I’ve been asked. If you have a yearly subscription, you do not need to register. We welcome everyone who wants to hear and/or learn some Cajun fiddling. It would be great if you register online, but you can also pay at the front desk tonight.

In ABC Notation. Free software to read, print and play the ABCs is available here. And a short tutorial on ABC notation for fiddlers can be downloaded from the Old Town School’s Tune Archive using this link.

T:Lacassine Special
O:Iry Lejeune
S:David Greely
zc2 | {Bc}B2A2 d2e2 | “slide”f3 f2ede | {e}f2=gf ecBA | A3 A3c2 |
{Bc}B2A2 c2d2 | e3 e2Ace | f2=gf ecBA | A3 A2 ::
Bcc | BAFE CEFA | Bcc2 Bc2c | BAFE CEFA | Bcc2 Bc2c |
BAFE CEFA | Bcc2 Bc2d | B3B2 cBA | A3 A2 :|

(The notation for “Lacassine Special has been revised to be more like the way David taught it at the Fiddle Club workshop. C’est la vie.)

T:Barres de la Prison
O:Canray Fontenot
S:David Greely
“NB swing those 8th notes”
FAd | f2{fg}fe fg | “slide” (3f=fed ^FAd | f2{fg}fe fg | “slide” (3f=fed ^FAd |
f2{fg}fe fg | “slide” (3f=fe d2{ed} BA | “slide”(3=cBA =F2 “slide”(3FED | D6 | D3 ::
z2D | =F-EDF {EF}ED | =F-ED2 B,D | =F-EDF {EF}ED | =F-ED2 B,D |
=F-EDF {EF}ED | =F-ED2 B,D | E2=F2 “slide”(3FED | D6 | D3 :|

(Notation for “Prison Bars was also revised to indicate 2nd finger slides marked by slurs and the triplet slides at the end of each strain.)

To use these notes, it is essential to listen to the tunes as David recorded them for us. To do that, go here.

Two Fabulous Guests

David Greely – Cajun Fiddler
Friday, February 24, 7:30
Old Town School East (4545 Lincoln), Rm E324

David Greely

Founding fiddler of the Mamou Playboys, David Greely has assembled a repertoire of uncommon Cajun music and new companion pieces to entertain and inspire you.



To learn a couple of tunes to play with David, click here.

$15 dues for either of these meetings, click here.

Arto Järvelä with Kaivama – Finnish Trad
Saturday, March 3, 7:30p
Old Town School East (4545 Lincoln), Rm E324

Arto Järvelä & Kaivama

Born to a family of fiddlers from Kaustinen, the epicenter of Finnish fiddling, our good friend Arto Järvelä makes a return to fiddle club, bringing with him Kaivama, the Minnesota-based duo of Sara Pajunen and Jonathan Rundman, for their second visit to the Old Town School.


To learn a couple of tunes to play with Arto, click here.

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Tunes from David Greely

Here are a couple of Cajun classics we can all play together with David Greely, when he makes his appearance at the Fiddle Club of the World, on Friday, February 24.

The first tune is a fiddle version of a tune made famous by the great accordionist, Iry Lejeune (1928-55) from Pointe Noire, Louisiana.

Lacassine Special, a two-step

Lacassine Special, a two-step

And here’s a bluesy waltz from the playing of one of my favorites, Creole fiddler Canray Fontenot (1922-95) of L’Anse aux Vaches. The song was penned by Douglas Bellard.

Barres de la Prison, a waltz in 3/4

Barres de la Prison slow

For notes for these tunes, click here.

Dues for the February 24 meeting are $15 – you can register here (02/24/12).
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