More Tunes for FCW Orchestra

* Music notation for most of these tunes can be found in this PDF file, while ABC notation for the same tunes is in this other one.

Golden Slippers by the Fantastic Toe Trippers

Litchfield by White Mule (Genevieve & Smith Koester)

Missouri Waltz by Lotus Dickey & Friends

She Oughta Been a Lady (aka Twin Sisters) by Vesta Johnson

Snouts and Ears of America by Chirps Smith

Ten Cents by Chirps Smith

Mexico & Latin America
Purple Lilies Polka by the Gu’Achi Fiddlers

El Viento by Maria McCullough & Paul Tyler

Brudpolkka (Finland) by Arto Järvelä from Edward Öst

Polonæse Svøbsk (Denmark) by Mette Jensen & Kristian Bugge

Slangpolska frå Kumla (Sweden) by Catherine Werner & Fiddle Club

Spoofs #8/#1 (Finland) by Arto & Antti Järvelä

Vidar’s Vals (Norway) by Vidar Skrede

British Isles
Blackthorn Stick (Ireland)

Connaughtman’s Rambles (Ireland)

Various Continents
Brazilian Tune by Anni Spring & Pop Wagner (learned from Kenny Hall)

Scotìs (Italy) by Compagnia Sonadàr di Ponte Caffaro

Vengerka (Estonia, Hungary, Russia &c.)

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