First Tunes for FCW Orchestra

Please join us at our monthly jams at Gideon Welles pub (4500 N. Lincoln in Chicago). We usually meet at 7pm on the third Sunday of the month. (Check the Fiddle Club Facebook page for updated information.) You don’t have to know all of these tunes, or even a single one, to participate in our jams. But here’s a list of tunes we often play, along with some we’re planning to work on. Try out one or two, and come join us. Fiddle Club is not just for fiddlers. All instruments are welcome.

The following list contains links to a recording of each tune Click the play arrow or tune title to listen. Right click the title to download the recording (aka save link). There is a link to notes for each of the tunes, containing standard music notation, along with suggested guitar chords, and ABC notation for the tune. For pointers on using ABC notation and other helpful learning advice, check out the page on How to Use Notes & ABCs.

Big Betty (aka Little Betty Brown)                                                      Notes

Coon Dog by Stephanie Coleman                                                     Notes

Daylight in the Morning by Jim Lansford                                            Notes

Devil in a Haystack by the Indian Creek Delta Boys                         Notes

Walk Old Shoe, Heel Come a-Draggin’ by the Volo Bogtrotters       Notes

Mexico & Latin America
Celeya Polka by Maria McCullough & Paul Tyler                               Notes

La Pollo Pinta by Felipe Valle & Juan Rivera                                     Notes

Valse de los Panos by Cleofes Ortiz                                                Notes

Hamburger (Sweden) by Mary Allsopp                                            Notes

Häst Schottische (Sweden) by Mary Allsopp                                  Notes

Koputus Polkka (Finland) by Arto Järvelä                                        Notes

Langdans frå Soleran (Sweden) by Tim Anderson & ScandiJam   Notes

Storm (Denmark) by Kristian Bugge & Andy May                            Notes

Upp o Ut o Gar (Sweden) song melody by Bjärv                             Notes

Viktor’s Vals (Finland) by the Polka Chicks                                      Notes

British Isles
Cuz Teahan’s Polka (Ireland) by Kathleen Keane                            Notes

Jamie Allen/Salmon Tales Up the Water (England) Hexham Gathering jam session Notes

Rusty Gulley (England) by Folkestra                                                Notes

Sullivan’s Polka/Britches Full of Stitches (Ireland)                           Notes

Various Continents
Fiselekh Fiselekh (Klezmer) by Stuart Rosenberg                          Notes

Hutsulky (Ukraine) by Michi Regier                                                   Notes

Kägära-Näpupolka (Estonia) by Ain Haas                                        Notes

Tibujalg (Estonia) by Indrek Kalda & Tiit Kikas                                 Notes

Woyaya (Africa) by Sule Greg Wilson                                             Notes