Results of the 3rd Battle of the Bands

Held July 13, 2014 at the Square Roots Festival

For the 3rd year in a row, the Battle of the Bands ended in a draw. The objective was to fill the floor with dancers. Here is the report of the judges, as texted to the emcee.

“The Fantastic Toe Trippers Orchestra actually got the most dancers on the floor, as determined by counting feet and dividing by two. However, they were assessed penalties for having both a banjo and an accordion in the band. The Renato Anesi Trio did not attract as many feet. However, as Brazilian dancing requires moving more body parts, they were given bonus points. The Byzantine Time Machine was also given a bonus for the largest inchoate mass of moving humanity. An additional technology bonus brings them into a virtual tie with the other two bands.”

The following pictures illustrate the tie-clinching bonus.

Here are some recordings from the hotly contested battle of 2014.

Greek Syrtos by the Byzantine Time Machine

Brazilian Choro by the Renato Anesi Trio

Who could have imagined. Thanks to all particpated.

Paul Tyler – convenver

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