Some tunes from Paddy Jones

Kerry Polkas (The Ballydesmond Set)

Kerry Slides (The Cat Jumped in the Mouse’s Hole/ If I’d a Wife)

unnamed reel
[In the key of D, it reminds me of Dickey’s Discovery.]

All tunes were performed by Paddy Jones with Rus Bradburd at a concert in Silver City, New Mexico in 2007. Recording courtesy of Rus Bradburd.

Go to Paul Tyler’s transcriptions of these Paddy Jones tune.

Paddy Jones will be performing at the Fiddle Club of the World’s meeting on Friday, March 14 at the Leadway Bar & Gallery.

For now, the Old Town School is handling the club meetings as if they were workshops. Call 773.728.6000 to register. Cost is $12. Your name will then be entered on a list that allows entrance to the club meeting. Only those registered for the workshop will be considered members. Space is limited. Register early.

4 thoughts on “Some tunes from Paddy Jones

  1. I was able to download all the Paddy Jones songs. The files were crystal clear and I used windows media player to then burn them onto a blank CD.

    This is awesome! Thanks Paul!

  2. Love the Paddy Jones stuff. Wending my way through the web, I happened on this site. What a great concept, the Fiddle Club of the World – Nice job, Paul! Wish I lived near Chi.

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