More tunes from Bjärv

Ain’t the interwebs wonderful. Olof Göthlin of Bjärv sent me some tunes last night for our jam session tomorrow. I can get them posted just in time for some of you to start learning them.

Polska From Ekshärad

Marsch från Bohuslän by Bjärv

I really enjoy this march. The recording starts with the jaw harp and then nyckleharpa leading the tune in G. After a guitar interlude, the fiddle takes over, but now the tune is in A.

Marsch från Bohuslän
Notation and ABCs for Marsch från Bohuslän

T:Marsch från Bohuslän
(3DEF | GGB^c d2dB | GBAF D2(3DEF | G2B2 G2B2- | BcAF D2 ::
D2 | EECE D2D2 | {D}EECE {EF}E2D2-| DEFG AB^cd | BGAF G2 :|
z4 D2 |: EECE D2D2 | {D}EECE {EF}E2D2-| DEFG AB^cd | BGAF G2 :|

If you want notation for the key of A, copy the whole Abc block and paste it into the box at this Abc Converter. Chose the Transpose option, up 2 semitones, and click submit.

Paul Tyler, convener

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