Tunes from David Greely

Here are a couple of Cajun classics we can all play together with David Greely, when he makes his appearance at the Fiddle Club of the World, on Friday, February 24.

The first tune is a fiddle version of a tune made famous by the great accordionist, Iry Lejeune (1928-55) from Pointe Noire, Louisiana.

Lacassine Special, a two-step

Lacassine Special, a two-step

And here’s a bluesy waltz from the playing of one of my favorites, Creole fiddler Canray Fontenot (1922-95) of L’Anse aux Vaches. The song was penned by Douglas Bellard.

Barres de la Prison, a waltz in 3/4

Barres de la Prison slow

For notes for these tunes, click here.

Dues for the February 24 meeting are $15 – you can register here (02/24/12).
Save money with a yearly subscription of $60. It gives you admission to all Fiddle Club events.

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