Tunes from Arto Järvelä

Arto Järvelä is the first Fiddle Club of the World guest to make a return appearance. Along with Kaivama, a duo from Minnesota, he will be perform at the Fiddle Club meeting on Saturday, March 3rd at 7:30pm in room E324 in Old Town School East (4545 Lincoln). He’s looking forward to another good jam session after their concert. Here are some tunes to work on.

Kesäkuun Polkka, a polka in 2/4

Masurkka Eräjärveltä, a mazurka in 3/4

Wikström’s Vals, a waltz in 3/4

An ancient polonaise or polska in triple time that Arto learned from a 1806 manuscript collection kept by Adolf Frederik Starc (or Stare) in Turku, the old capital city of Finland.
Starc No. 44

Stare No. 44 stemma, a 2nd voice

For notation to some of these tunes, click here.

You might also want to check out the tunes Arto gave us for his last Fiddle Club appearance in September 2009. Click here. Plus, here is a new super-link to all the tunes he taught in workshops and to classes during his residency at the Old Town School in September 2009:

Dues for the March 3rd meeting are $15 – you can register here (03/03/12).
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