Old Town School East is now occupied

This was the vision, ten years in the making.

Dance tonight in E326!


Eagerly anticipated. Much hard work to keep the promise. And so it was written:
“Come join us on Sunday, January 15 at 6:30 for a Housewarming Dance for the new Lincoln Square East building of the Old Town School of Folk Music (4545 Lincoln). We’ll occupy one of the fabulous new dance studios. All dancers, players and callers are welcome to help warm up the floor.”
Dance tonight in E326!

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January 15, 2012

80 folks came to play or dance or both. Thanks to our 4 great callers: Paul Collins, Lynn Garren, Tom Senior and Bill Sudkamp. 30 musicians played-never more than 20 at a time-including 1 banjo, 1 accordion, 3 mandolins and the rest evenly divided between fiddles and guitars.
Congrats, Old Town

Here’s our set list as I remember:
(D tunes)
Angeline the Baker
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
Soldier’s Joy
Walk Old Shoe Heel Come a-Draggin’
Twin Sisters
(G Tunes)
Indian Corn
Sail Away Ladies
(A Tunes)
Tippin’ Back the Corn
Liza Jane
Little Dutch Girl
(final waltz in D)
Tennessee Waltz



Photos by Gail Tyler, except the first and the last, which were taken by . . .

Paul Tyler, convener


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