Tunes from Sule Greg Wilson

Concert & Jam Session
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Sunday, May 29, 6:30p
Atlantic Bar & Grill (5062 Lincoln)

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Single meeting dues of $15, register by date (05/29).
Yearly subscription of $60 gives you admission to all Fiddle Club events (usually the 3rd Sunday).

Sankofa Strings CD



For your listening pleasure, here are a couple of tunes from Sule Greg Wilson from the Sankofa Strings (aka Carolina Chocolate Drops) CD, Colored Aristocracy


Johnny Too Bad


The tunes below are for the jam session that will follow Sule’s concert.

Colored Aristocracy
(work on this one for the session)

Old Joe Clark from a Carolina Chocolate Drops performance in Arizona

Woyaya, an African song

3 thoughts on “Tunes from Sule Greg Wilson

  1. Hi. Never thought to look here before but glad I did. Thank you so much for all the tunes. I downloaded most of them to my phone. I was at the Saturday jam today (May 28) and was able to play along mostly. Going to the jams has helped me tremendously. I miss going to the Thursday jam @ the Lincoln location but I have a Fiddle 2 Rep class @ the Armitage location at 8pm. I take lessons @ the Armitage location since I live in Wicker Park. I had Maria for 2 sessions and Brandi for 3 sessions. Thanks again. My previous violin teacher, Meghan Hormann, who owned Backbeat Music Studio at 1519 W. Irving Park – now Old Town’s private lesson location – was also from Hoagland, Indiana. Her parents are still there – Randy and Kayleen Hormann.

    • Hi Jean,
      The meeting is in the back room at the Atlantic. All you have to do is walk through the bar straight back. The owner, Cathal, is a very friendly guy who is most definitely Irish. One of our recent meetings took place in the back room right after a fish fry he holds for St. Matthias Catholic parish. You don’t have to order an alcoholic beverage. Many, but not all, Fiddle Club members will have a beer or two. You don’t have to order anything. But there are soft drinks and a full menu available and a server to take any order.

      The yearly membership can be paid online at the at the link in the document I posted on Friday. Here it is . . .
      If it’s easier, you can write a check to the Old Town School of Folk Music and give it to me. I’ll take it in and have it processed, and you’ll get your Fiddle Club card in the mail. If you want to come by tonight and just check things out, please feel free to do so.

      And thank you for telling me that Meghan was from Hoagland. Sonny Hormann was in my 66 member graduating class of 1968. He had an older brother, whose name I can’t remember. It is entirely possible that Meghan was the grandchild of one or the other. I’ll check into it.

      Hope to see you tonight.

  2. Hello Dr. Tyler,

    I was looking for the special on WTTW you had mentioned in class, and found this. I’m glad I did. The fiddle is one of my favorites. I love a good Irish reel. Thank you for broadening my horizons with above “Colored Aristocracy”. All of them were good, but I like Black Eyed Daisy best…..I think. Well, I may have to research and listen to more to make sure. 🙂
    Thanks for the insight,
    Mary Regan from Wright College
    Anthropology 202,

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