Kenny Stone: Bluegrass Fiddler

Kenny Stone
Sunday, November 21, 5:30 pm
Atlantic Bar & Grill (5062 N. Lincoln)

Click here to register. Dues for this meeting are $15.

Kenny StoneKenny Stone is veteran bluegrass fiddler, with a performing career that started when he was nine. He released his first album in 1989, at the age of nineteen, and followed that up with series of recordings and tours with a variety of bands, including his own, the Kenny Stone Unit and Midwest Wind. Family life and work has taken him off the road. But he continues to perform with the Chicago Bluegrass Band and to teach select students at his home in Dyer, Indiana.

The Fiddle Club of the World is pleased to present Kenny Stone to a new audience of fiddlers. He’s looking forward to playing through a potpourri of standard old-time and bluegrass tunes. He’s also offered us several of his own originals.

Buckley Barndance

Grangers Farewell

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Paul Tyler, convener
Chicago Chapter

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