Pete Sutherland Tunes

Here are some Pete tunes, sent to us from the Champlain Valley of Vermont. These will be great to play in the jam. The reel is, in Pete’s words “from our local hero, Louis Beaudoin.” The second tune –pronounced tess-fie-yay–is an Ethiopian waltz song. The last is from the Skillet Lickers.

Dad’s Reel



Streak o’ Lean


Click here to access Paul Tyler’s notation of a couple of Pete’s tunes.

Pete Sutherland, along with Mark Roberts & Jeremiah McLane, will be performing at the Fiddle Club of the World‘s meeting at 7:30 on Friday, October 16 at the Leadway Bar & Gallery (5233 N. Damen). Click here to register, or call 773.728.6000.

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