Traditional Music from Here and There: The States

Years Event Artists
Location Styles
1976-86 early and random music camp recordings Lisa Ornstein, Bob Dalsemer, &c. Root Camp, Brasstown old-time
4/10/1980 IU Folklore Institute concert MLionel Leleux & Barry Ancelet Bloomington Cajun
1987 Wyoming Old-Time Fiddle Project Warren Cromwell, Ervin Dovenspike; Pete German, Stip Wolff, &c. Wyoming old-time
12/31/1994 &
California Traditional Music Society dance camp Mel Durham; Brad Leftwich

09/30 &
jam sessions Bruce Greene
see also Adler House entry
Waucanda, Illinois
02/08/1997 University of Chicago Folk Festival workshops Milton Melancon
J.P. Fraley
Liz Carroll
Chicago Cajun
06/20 &
Missouri Fiddlers Gathering &
Mid-America Fiddle Contest
Dwight Lamb; Nile Wilson; Pete McMahan &c. Bethel, Missouri old-time
02/07 &
University of Chicago Folk Festival workshops Art Stamper; Benton Flippen; Chirps Smith Chicago old-time
05/??/1998 home visit Lloyd Lalumondiere
see also Adler House entry
Festus, Missouri
1998 Festival of American Fiddle Tunes
(see also Chicago Years)
Glenn Berry, Roger Cooper, Eric Corrigan & Eddy Whalen Port Townsend,
10/16/1998 house concert Bruce Molsky Chicago old-time
7/11/2002 Chicago Cultural Center concert John Cohen with the Volo Bogtrotters Chicago old-time
2007 Bluff Country Gathering workshop Ken Keppeler & Jeannie McLerie Lanesboro, Minnesota Gu-Achi fiddle
2008 Bluff Country Gathering Fiddle Showcase see My Friends
Lanesboro, Minnesota old-time
05/21/2011 Bluff Country Gathering Fiddle Showcase Tracy Schwarz; Ron Kane
Meghan Merker; Bruce Greene &c.
Lanesboro, Minnesota old-time
02/10/2012 University of Chicago Folk Festival workshops James Bryan & Carl Jones
John Harrod, Matt Brown
Chirps Smith, Paul Tyler
Chicago old-time
2012 Great Lakes Folk Festival
(see also Chicago Years)
Saeed Kamjoo
Kentucky Brotherhood Singers
East Lansing, Michigan Persian kamanche
2013 Bluff Country Gathering Fiddle Showcase & concert Paul Brown & the Mostly Mountain Boys; Dan Gellert; Chirps Smith; Genevieve Harrison Koester Lanesboro, Minnesota old-time