Tunes Caught

The States: East, South & West

Music Festivals & Dance Camps

Fiddle & Dance Workshop (aka Root Camp), Northern Week - Ashokan, New York - 1983

California Traditional Music Society New Year's Dance Camp - Malibu, California

    Brad Leftwich

  • Mel Durham & Tom Sauber

    Mel Durham

Festival of American Fiddle Tunes - Port Townsend, Washington -1998.

Visitors & Random Encounters

September 1996. Bruce Greene (Burnsville, North Carolina) - fiddle. Bruce visited both the Old Town School of Folk Music and Adler House in Libertyville. He jammed with OTS teachers and visited the Old-Time Ensemble class one Wednesday. His visit began in Libertyville with his appearance at the Old-Time Fiddlers Reunion. It ended with an Adler House workshop. Many tunes he learned from old home recordings of John Salyer, carefully preserved by the Salyer family of Salyersville, Kentucky.

John Salyer tunes from an informal session at the Farm Heritage Festival at the Lake County Museum in Wauconda, Illinois.