Recordings from My Friends

(I maybe wasn't there)

From Paul Gifford

1977. Michigan Fiddlers Association Jamboree in Romeo.

1976 or '77. "Doc" Bill Cameron (Brimley, Michigan) - fiddle. With Art LeBlanc on piano.

From Al Smitley

1980. Tyler-Mahaffee Gathering - Saline, Michigan. Helen Gross (Saline) & Ray Shepherd (Britton, Michigan) - fiddles. With Bob Hubbach or Judi Morningstar on piano, &c. Recordings made by Al Smitley. Used with permission.

From Chirps Smith

1980s. Recordings from Adler House, see Adler House/Concerts.

From Joe Samojedny

1982. Garry Harrison, recorded at his home Bushton, Illinois during one of Coach Joe's annual visits to the state high school track finals.

From Jim Nelson

199?. Tim Stokes and Ed Fravell, recorded at Tim's home in Buncombe, Illinois in 199_. Jim had borrowed by DATman digital tape recorder to make some field recordings.

From Lynn Garren

May 2008. Fiddle Showcase at the Bluff Country Gathering in Lanesboro, Minnesota. I was at the Gathering that year, but took a canoe trip down the Root River with my kids and Lee Guthrie (there's a story there). Lynn graciously shared her recordings of the showcase that I missed. I posted half of the performances on the Fiddle Club of the World blog. All twelve of the tunes recorded can be found on the Bluff Country page on Used with permission.