Låt i veckan för maj 21, 2012

Swedish for Tune of the Week for May 21, 2012

Edwin Johnson & friend

Edwin Johnson was born in 1905 in Rättvik, Sweden in the province of Dalarna. That’s almost like being born in Galax, Virginia or Mamou, Louisiana, the heart if a vibrant regional folk music tradition. At the age of 19, he joined the stream of Swedes emigrating to the United States, and made a new home for himself in the twin cities Minneapolis and St. Paul. As he helped raise a family, the old Dalarna fiddle tradition was passed on–as heard on this 1977 recording–to his son and grandson.

Lead fiddle by Edwin Johnson, seconding by Bruce Johnson & Paul Dahlin

Vals fran Ore

T:Vals fran Ore
S:Edwin Johnson
B,A, | G,2B,2 C2 | D3E DC | B,2D2 G2 | B4 dB |
c2E2 G2 | F3A BA | G2F2 E2 | DE DC B,A, |
G,2B,2 C2 | D3E DC | B,2D2 G2 | B4 dB |
c2E2 G2 | F3D EF | G3A G2 | G4 ::
cd | e2c2 e2 | g3f e2 | d2B2 G2 | DEDC B,2 |
ABc2 A2 | F4 A2 | Bcd2 c2 | Bc BAG2 |
e2c2 e2 | g3f e2 | d2B2 G2 | DEDC B,2 |
ABc2 A | F3D EF | G3A G2 | G4 :|

Don’t miss this special opportunity to hear some masterful Swedish musicians at Fiddle Club.

Anders & Maria Larsson of Svanevit
Monday, June 4 – 7p
Room E124 — Old Town School East (4545 Lincoln)

Single meeting dues is $15: register here

Nota Bene: The Old Town School website has been migrating to new servers, and access to the Fiddle Club blog has been a bit spotty over the past week. All problems should now be solved.

Paul Tyler, convener

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