Notes for Arto Järvelä Tunes

Arto returns for another good tune session
His first visit to Fiddle Club in September 2009 was a memorable night. He’d like to play some of those tunes again. I’ll post some links later this week. He also sent us a few new ones, which were posted earlier. Listen to the tunes, first and often, while learning to play them from the following notation.

ABC Notation. Free software to read, print and play the ABCs is available here. And a short tutorial on ABC notation for fiddlers can be downloaded from the Old Town School’s Tune Archive using this link.

T:Masurkka Eräjärveltä
S:Arto Järvelä
A | c>de2 e2 | fedc BA | GBe2 d2 | dBc2 A2 |
c>de2 e2 | fedc BA | GBe2 G2 | BA A3 ::
A | B>BB3 d | dcc3 e | eddc de | fee3 d|
ceag fe | fedc BA | GBe2 G2 | BA A3 :|

T:Wikström Vals
S:Arto Järvelä
A2 | d2d^c de | f2e2 d2 | d2^c2 cc | ^c4 A2 |
A2^cd ef | g2f2 e2 | f2dd d2 | d4 ::
c2 | f3e fg | a2g2 f2 | e3d ^cB | A4 A2 |
Ad2^c de | f2e2 d2 | ^c3A ce | a4 g2 |
f2e2 d2 | ^c2A2 c2 | e2d2 d2 | d4 :|

T:Starc 44
T:Stare 44
S:Arto Järvelä
d2A2 F2A2 d2f2 | {fg}f2ed c4 A4 | d2ef g2{fg}f2 e2d2 | dcBA B2B2 A2(3ABc |
d2A2 F2A2 d2f2 | {fg}f2ed c4 A4 | d2ef {ga}g2eg {fg}f2df {ef}e2ce d8 ::
a2f2 f2d2 d2A2 | b2f2 g4 e4 |d2ef g2{fg}f2 e2d2 | dcBA B2B2 A2(3efg |
a2f2 f2d2 d2A2 | b2f2 g4 e4 |d2ef {ga}g2eg {fg}f2df {ef}e2ce d8 :|

With the Starc polska, I tried to notate it roughly the way Arto played it, with suggestions for ornamentation. Here is a starker (pun intended) published notation for Starc 44.

Answers to questions I’ve been asked about Fiddle Club. If you have a yearly subscription, you do not need to register. We welcome everyone who wants to hear and/or learn some Finnish fiddling. It would be great if you register online, but you can also pay at the front desk on Saturday night.

One thought on “Notes for Arto Järvelä Tunes

  1. Do you know how to get ahold of the sheet music for Arto Jarvela’s Speedy Slam?
    I heard it performed at the recent Suzuki Association Conference.

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