Tune i ugen for Januar 9, 2012

Danish for Tune of the Week.
From one of my all-time favorite CDs.

Gunner Friis, Kalejdoskop
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This CD was put together in honor of Gunner Friis‘ 60th birthday in 2005. He is a highly-respected dance fiddle in Denmark. This wedding march, 1 of 2 in a medley, was learned from Jens Frederiksen, who I assume was a fiddler from the previous generation.

Brudemarch fra Himmerland 1
Gunner Friis on fiddle with Ben Melvij Nielsen on harmonika, a variety of pump organ.

The ABCs are below. A simple tutorial on Abc is can be downloaded here.

Paul Tyler, convener

T:Brudemarch fra Himmerland 1
S:Gunner Friis efter Jens Frederiksen
D | GBD GBd | g2B BAB | c2A AGA | B2G G2D |
GBD GBd | g2B BAB | c2A def | g2g gag |
e2c c2e | edc B2d | dcA def | g2g gag |
e2c c2e | edc B2d | dcA def | g2g g2 ||

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