Pete Sutherland tunes notated

These transcriptions of Pete Sutherland’s tunes were made by Paul Tyler as a sketch of the general melody. Pete uses subtle shadings, ornaments, double stops and variations in playing the tunes. Listen carefully to the recordings, as posted here.

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Dad’s Reel Streak o Lean

Pete Sutherland, with Jeremiah McLane & Mark Roberts, will be performing at the Fiddle Club of the World‘s meeting at 7:30 on Friday, October 16 at the Leadway Bar & Gallery (5233 N. Damen). Click here to register, or call 773.728.6000.

Nota Bene: Musical notation is only a guide to one way to play a tune. Use the written notes along with the recordings. If you hear something different than what is written down, good. Trust your ears. Play what you hear.

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