Paddy Jones will be here this Friday! (March 14)

And that’s how the Fiddle Club of the World (Chicago Chapter) begins.
At the Leadway Bar and Gallery 5233 N. Damen, Chicago

The party room at the Leadway is a bit bigger than I thought.
We’ve opened up space for six more members.
Sign up quick. Find workshops here

Please note a slight change in the schedule for the evening.

In the interests of Paddy’s accompanist being able to show up on time, we’ll start about 8ish. And we will begin with a bit of a session, to try to find some common ground between the enthusiasts for Irish trad and the old-time crowd.

Paddy’s concert set will start at about 8:30. Around 9:30 we’ll have a big session and play the tunes that are posted here for you to learn.

And then we’ll have some more tunes.

Also note. Space is limited.
We have room for only twenty members. As I write this, there are just two slots still available. If you want to bring a guest, you’ll have to sign them up for the Club. Hurry. It’s first come, first served.

I might have to look for a bigger space for the next meeting.

Paul Tyler, Convener

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