Playing and Downloading

NOTE: These instructions
have been rendered obsolete.

What happens when you click on a tune link depends on what web browser you use and how you have it set to handle .mp3 files.

Here’s what I’ve learned about Firefox, my browser of choice. I rely on iTunes to manage music files. Unfortunately, iTunes is bundled with Quicktime, which insinuates itself into Firefox as the default plug-in for all sorts of media files. In Firefox, Quicktime will not play more than a few seconds of a tune. So I changed my Firefox settings.

Firefox for Windows instructions: click these in order
Tools (menu bar)
Options (bottom of the menu)
Content (tab or button)
File Types (box) with Manage (button)
Search for or scroll down to find MP3 (“MPEG Layer 3 Audio”)
Change Action (button)
Save to computer (check box)

Firefox for Mac suggestions
To download, one of these should work.
right-click link, or
hold down Apple and click link, or
hold down Alt-Option and click link

You can also pick another music program as a default to open mp3 files.
If you’re smarter than me you can install another plug-in to be the default.
Quicktime works better with Internet Explorer, but I don’t care to use that browser.

If anyone has any advice for other browsers and platforms, please share it with the rest of the Fiddle Club.

Good luck.


9 thoughts on “Playing and Downloading

  1. Hi!

    I was told I would need to buy Quicktime pro to download the tunes on my Mac, so I’m using a program I have called Wire Tap Pro to record the tunes and then put them in my itunes folder…

    Maria 🙂

  2. You should not have to buy a program to do that.

    But I have two questions. 1) What browser do you use on your Mac? and 2) Where did you get Wire Tap Pro?


  3. If you’re using a Mac, all you need to do is right-click the link and choose “Download Linked File.” The song will pop onto your desktop, and you can drop it into iTunes — even directly into a playlist, if you want to organize it in that way. Hope this helps!

  4. Hey,
    my computer is not capable of downloading much, if anything. Are these recordings available at the Resource Center?


  5. I’m going to try Krissy’s suggestion – if you have a mouse that right clicks, you can right click. Other wise, hitting Alt-Option key at the same time you click the mouse is the same as right click. This I learned from Runescape.


  6. Hey Paul–

    I loved hearing Jabbour/Perlman! And would love to have some recordings of them (esp. W. Virginia Gals, my fave) on the site, if you have any good ones.


  7. you dont need to buy a program…..
    no buying involved….. no quicktime
    you dont even need to down the 7.0 version of quicktime……or whatever….

    real simple

    put mouse on the text’s blue link
    (right click)

    go to save target as

    hit save SAVE

    then it will say right in middle
    of save box after its saved

    open—– open folder—– cancel

    hit…… open folder
    then hit the icon it produces

    right mouse button go to

    open with…….

    Itunes, Windows Media player, or whatever your preferred protocol is…….

    If you get it into I-Tunes you can convert it to WAV or other tune file types.

    That should work….but if it doesnt work….. find me at even and ill burn it to CD’s for anybody who wants
    to study it.

    there’s some good fiddlin!

    :- )

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