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You all figured out, of course, that Do-si-do is French for ‘back to back.’  I will set a few more square dance puns into this post intended to forward my plans for I really hope to corner the market now that all the exams are graded and final grades are turned in. As owner of this grand website, it is my right to do things at my own speed, but I don’t want anyone left waiting too long for new tunes to be posted.  So, as a courtesy, this gent will turn to the subject at hand and circle in on how I’ve partnered my field recordings to my twelve subject tracks. *

In recent weeks, I populated all twelve paths through my collections with links to music. The most recent addition is devoted to the “Fiddle Club of the World (under Old Town Fiddle).  Now in it’s fourth year, the Club has featured 25 guest artists from five countries and a dozen States.  All but four have recorded tunes especially for Fiddle Club sessions.  All of these recordings can still be downloaded from the Fiddle Club’s blog, formerly on the Old Town School’s website. The page on is a roster of Fiddle Club guests with quick links to their tunes, so you don’t have to scroll through years worth of posts on Fiddle Club blog.

Old Town Fiddle > Fiddle Club

I also recently added a page for highlights from the Midwest Fiddle Championship I began in 2003 in association with the Old Town School’s Chicago Folk & Roots Festival. Plans have just been announced for the 9th annual contest. In the coming month, I’ll be processing recordings and photographs from previous festivals in order to tell the story of this most unusual, multicultural fiddle contest. There are few sample sound files posted now, plus links to videos at DrDosido’s YouTube Channel. Lots more will be uploaded soon.

Old Town Fiddle > Fiddle Contest

* On a scale of 1 to 5–with 5 being really bad–how were the puns? Some were worse than others.  Did you catch all thirteen?

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