Dr.Dosido's Reflections

The foremost purpose of this website is to share the wealth of field recordings I have accumulated over the last 36 years. An equally strong motive is the desire to tell my story. The links in the sidebar lead to graphic bibliographies of published and unpublished writings-some with links to the texts themselves.

DrDosido's blog is devoted to two major topics: the substance of this website, and my personal story. A small portion of that story is unusal, while other parts are just plain distinctive. In short, I grew up in rural Indiana, where I learned to treasure the strength of community and gained a passion for old-time square dancing. Thus, I started out as part of the folk, but by the time I got to college, I was on my way to being a diehard folkie.

I became obsessed with traditional music and made my first career change, to musician. It helped that I got many bookings as a dance caller. But I soon realized that my career needed further augmentation. So I ended up in graduate school at Indiana University. In 1980, I enrolled in the Folklore Institute with the goal of earning a Master's degree. Nearly a dozen years later, they awarded me a doctorate. My path from folk to folklorist was complete. A friend celebrated the occasion by bestowing upon me my nickname, DrDosido.