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Short Pieces

Roughly in chronological order

Notes on the performers, 1981.

"The Ancestry of the Fiddlers Gathering,""
and notes on the performers, 1982.

Chaired a panel on "Bloomington
and Other Local Scenes
," 1991.

"The History of Percussive Dance," 1992.
And report on 35th anniversary program on WFMT,
for which I recorded oral histories.

Songs and Artists. Hayloft Gang Video Contest,
2011. Performer on documentary soundtrack.

"Bogan and Armstrong." The Ryder, 1982.

"'That's Still a Good Tune':
Herman Fox and His Concertina
, 1983."

Program notes, 1992.

"Sweet Honey: Singing from the Inside, 1997."

Arto Järvelä. "Cross-Tuned."
Short essay on cross-tuning, 2011.