My life has been fortunate. I have been a folk music collector for nearly forty years. So now it is right and fitting for me to share some of the sounds and stories I have gathered in my pursuit of Midwestern fiddlers, forgotten musical histories, and living folk dance traditions. Along the way, I have met inspiring master musicians who shared the wealth and wisdom of previous generations. And I made a lot of friends who like to get together to play tunes, laugh and chat, or just quietly reflect upon the joys of life. My story unfolds on the paths through this website.


DrDosido.net is devoted to field recordings I made during my career as a folklorist The first four menu buttons above lead collectively down a dozen paths. The first step down each path is a page that highlights a particular place or project. Sidebar links lead to full rosters of the folk artists I worked with. Other links lead directly to the browsing pages that feature selections from field recordings in my possession. The browsing pages will be continually re-populated and updated. The Road Map provides a useful overview.


This menu button leads to the wordier side of my life as a folklorist. It includes graphic bibliographies, a picture gallery (under construction), and links to
DrDosido's blog and the Fiddle Club of the World blog.