A Tune Catcher

I am a lifelong radical Midwesternist. My academic research interest and my early work as a public folklorist were both centered almost entirely in Indiana and Illinois, encompassing both my time in Bloomington (1978-86) and my first years in Chicago (since 1986). My amateur collecting and enthusiasm for traditional music have always extended throughout the whole Great Lakes region.

I have also worked with traditional musicians who came from Here & There. Many were from other regions in the U.S. A few from other parts of the World.

I must make special mention of my long friendship with Lotus Dickey. I first met him while booking his appearance at the Indiana Fiddlers Gathering (aka Battle Ground) in 1981. Even though Lotus died in 1989, he is still a large presence in of my life. He was my mentor in music and much, much more.