Melodia z tygodnia na czerwiec 4, 2012

Polish for Tune of the Week for June 4, 2012

Brian Marshall
(click to see Brian Marshall’s solo CD)

Brian Marshall is a fiddler and band leader from the Polonia (Polish colony) of East Texas, between Houston and Dallas. He was raised with old village dance music played by local fiddlers like John Meleski, Raymond Zievert, and–most influential of all–Steve Oksonski. While Brian leads a full-on polka band, The Tex-Slavic Playboys, the following tune from his solo CD features and old country sound.

Brian Marshall & Ron Kasowski on fiddles, Mark Rubin on bowed bass


S:Brian Marshall of Bremond, Texas
BA | G2B2 d3a | g2e4 ef | gega gfed | c2e4 dB |
G2B2 d3a | g2e4 ef | g2f2 dcBd | c2c2 c2 ::
dc | Bcde f3c’ | b2a4 g2 | a2ab c’3a | a2g4 ga |
c’2g2 e2c2 | d2b4 ef | gega gfed | c2c2 c2 :|

This notation is just a skeleton. Get Brian’s CD from CDBaby and hear his exciting variations every time through.

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