The importance of being Hoosier

I always have and always will be one.  A Hoosier, that is.  But I’ve now lived in Chicago nearly half of my life. Twenty-four years, to be exact. The tendencies toward acculturation are subtle and strong, so I’ve forgotten a few things that are close to the essence of Hoosierness. Fortunately, my friend Eric Zorn directed me a useful internet source that promises to help revitalize that native core.

How to Speak Hoosier

The link leads to Episode 3, which is particularly rich. In fact, I went back into my previous post and changed one word in the second paragraph, so it’s all that truer. Bonus points if you can spot it.

3 thoughts on “The importance of being Hoosier”

  1. Learning my English in Chicago (though not the Sout side), I don’t see that Hoosiers speak all that funnier than people here.

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