Indiana Fiddlers Gathering - 1980-86

aka Battle Ground

NB: Lotus Dickey was a substantial presence of the Fiddlers Gathering from 1981-86. His Battle Ground performances are highlighted on the Lotus Dickey page on and linked on this page.


Ervie Burge, Gene Wilhite, Herman Fox, Liz Carroll, Jimmie Keane, David James, Sparky Rucker, Easy Street String Band, Laketown Buskers, New Moon Swing Band. Herman Fox (Fort Wayne)- concertina, is accompanied by Paul Tyler on fiddle & John Gilmour (Appleton, Wisconsin) on guitar.


The 9th Indiana Fiddlers Gathering featured the first appearance of Lotus Dickey, & Friends. Also Les Raber & Bud Pierce, Paul Gifford & Wm. T. White, Harold Zimmerman, Al Purcell & Brendan McKinney, Hector Phillips & the Patoka Valley Boys, Eclectricity, Noble Melton.

    Al Purcell

    Hector Phillips

Les Raber (Hastings, Michigan) - fiddle. With Bud - guitar, Paul Gifford (Ferndale, Michigan) & Wm. T. White (Okemas, Micigan).

    Les Raber & Bud Pierce

  • Paul Gifford & Wm.T. White

Harold Zimmerman (Fort Thomas, Kentucky) - fiddle, Paul Tyler - guitar & Billy Thatcher (Bloomington) - bass. June 26-28, 1981.


The 10th anniversary of the Indiana Fiddlers Gathering was celebrated with two full weekends and evening concerts on the weekdays between. The following selections are from a concert held inside the Tippecanoe Battlefield museum in the middle of the week. The Irish trio of McGreevy, Henry & Neary are from Chicago. Mandolinist Julian Cramer is from Martinsville, Indiana. Lotus Dickey & Friends capped off a magical evening.

    Johnny McGreevy - fiddle, Kevin Henry - flute & Eleanor Neary - piano
  • jigs
  • reels
    Julian Cramer with Bob Lucas
  • rags
  • Blue Skies


The 11th Fiddlers Gathering organized a National Barn Dance Reunion, featuring artists like Bob Atcher, Capt. Stubby & the Buccaneers, Johnny Frigo & Evelyn "Daisy" Lange Perry, onetime member of the Coon Creek Girls. Lotus Dickey & Friends also performed.

    Evelyn Lange Perry

  • National Barn Dance Reunion


The 12th Fiddlers Gathering featured another National Barn Dance Reunion, this time with Gabe Ward of the Hoosier Hot Shots. Also Lotus Dickey & Friends.

    Gabe Ward

  • National Barn Dance Reunion


I only recorded Rocky Stone (Syracuse, Indiana), a western swing fiddler who once played in the Spade Cooley band, and Lotus Dickey & Friends.

    Rocky Stone


The Lotus Dickey & Friends stage set is the only one recorded. But I did get a good parking lot recording of Lyle Mayfield (Greenville, Illinois) singing.

    Lyle Mayfield