Lotus Dickey Tunes

Tunes recorded at Lotus Dickey's home on Grease Gravy Hill, or at his brother Cyprien's home. Grease Gravy Road is a dirt road just of of US150 a few miles outside of Paoli, Indiana.

1981. home recordings by David Brose. 1987 recordings by DrDosido.

    (1987) Lotus Dickey
  • Grey Eagle

  • Cyprien Dickey
  • Muskatatuck Waltz

At Indiana University, November 1981 in the Fine Arts Auditorium.

On Music Down Home on WFIU-Bloomington, hosted first by Gary Stanton, and later by Paul Tyler. Gary seconded Lotus on guitar. On the later show, Bob Lucas played guitar and Paul played mandolin.

Lotus at the Indiana Fiddlers Gathering

Highlights from a six-year run for Lotus Dickey & Friends at Battle Ground. Lotus first performed with Dillon Bustin on banjo & guitar and Linda Handelsman on hammered dulcimer & concertina. Later appearances were with Bob Lucas on guitar and Paul Tyler on mandolin.

The Orange County Tune Project

In 1986 and '87, Lotus Dickey worked with Dr.Dosido to remember and record all the tunes he learned during his Orange County boyhood, from hearing his neighbors play music.

Tunes learned circa 1926 from Albert Dougherty of Paoli: The first is the one that broke the dam of memory and let out a whole flood of fine old tunes.

Tunes learned circa 1926 from John Coulter of Chambersburg: He was a storekeeper. Lotus often said with gestures, that Mr. Coulter had "a real jerk in his bow."

Tunes learned circa 1926 from Allen Downey, who "came into our district from Robinson County, Illinois." (Note: There is a town named Robinson in Illinois, but not a county.)

Tunes learned circa 1926 from Poindexter "Deck" Ainsworth, who came up from Arkansas.

Tunes learned circa 1926 from other local fiddlers and musicians.

  • Sweet Bundy
  • Lotus's brother Cyprien learned this one "from a fellow by the name of Lee Trinkle, down around Rego, Indiana, in Orange County."
  • Pegleg
  • learned from George Strother "An old gentleman from down home, long gone."
  • Ed Fleming Waltz

Tunes from beyond Orange County

    book tunes
  • Oyster River Hornpipe
  • Peck o'Mant Hornpipe
  • New Century Hornpipe
  • radio tunes
  • Goodnight Waltz
  • Goin' to Have a Big Time Tonight