DrDosido CDs*

Here is a key to discographic entries accompanying DrDosido CDs*, followed by a list of instrument abbreviations.

[Artist name/ Release name]                       (1st recording session) [Location, Date]
[Personnel/ instrumentation]

[#.]    [song title]                              [matrix #]              [Label #] (for 1st release)
[#.]    [song title]                              [matrix #]              [Label #] (for 1st release)
[Artist name/ Release name qualified]        (subsequent session) [Location, Date]
[#.]    [song title]                              [matrix #]              [Label #] (for 1st release)


ac     accordion                  g        guitar                          sp      speech
bj      banjo                         ha      harmonica                 tb      trombone
cl      clarinet                      hn      horn                            tbj     tenor banjo
cn     cornet                        jh       jaw harp                     tp      trumpet
dm   drum                          md     mandolin                   vcl     vocal
f        fiddle                         pno    piano                          vln     violin
fl      flute                            sbs     standing bass            wb     washboard

 Information on recording session dates, locations, and personnel, along with matrix numbers and label catalog numbers, comes primarily from the following sources:

Meade, Guthrie T. N.d. The Fiddler’s Compendium. Typescript.

Meade, Guthrie T. Jr. with Dick Spottswood & Douglas S. Meade. 2002. Country Music Sources: A Biblio-Discography of Commercially Recorded Traditional Music. Southern Folklife Collection.

Russell, Tony. 2004. Country Music Records: A Discography, 1921-1942. Oxford University Press.

Spottswood, Richard K. Ethnic Music on Records: A Discography of Ethnic Recordings Produced in the United States, 1893 to 1942. 7 vols. University of Illinois Press.

*Okay, these are not really CDs. I began in 2003 by compiling a set of physical CD albums, but in this chapter of the project, with more material available, I have quit working within the time limits of a physical compact disc.