The scope of this project

I compiled some numbers.  To be honest, I am stunned.  Thus far I have built 40 web pages for  At the beginning of October I didn’t have a clue how to build even one. I keep a running tune count on the What’s New page.  A few days ago it read 212.  That number is a little off.  It should read 214, as in two hundred and fourteen sound files linked to 13 of the 40 pages. (Linking sound files is something I already knew how to do.)

Today I decided to color code the pages to help users know what’s what.  The 13 pages with sound files — I think of them as matrix pages — now have a yellowish hue.  The blue shines through on another 11 pages which are devoted to tables — artist and project rosters and lists of recording sessions.  The main pathway pages have the grayish tinge of the home page.  The color scheme is echoed faintly in the Reflections section. But no pages there are yellow, for none hold links to sound files.

Yesterday I made a  count and discovered that sound files are linked for 60 different artists. Another 70 artist names have been posted and are waiting for recordings to be uploaded.  A quick look at the table pages shows that the artist count can expand way beyond the sum of these numbers. This project is still in its first stages. I have a lot of digitizing and editing to do. I plan to keep at it until I run out of space or run out of time.