Midwest Fiddle Championship

Date No - Division(s) Champion Style Youth Champ
07/12/2003 1st - Invitational Charlie Walden Missouri na
07/11/2004 2nd - Fiddle Team Stephanie Coleman & Steve Rosen Old Time na
07/10/2005 3rd - Fiddle Team Chirps Smith & Fred Campeau Old Time na
07/09/2006 4th - Fiddle Teams Genevieve Harrison & Smith Koester
Old Time ??
07/15/2007 5th - Fiddle Teams Chirps Smith & Fred Campeau Old Time ??
07/10/2008 6th - Fiddle Teams Katie Bern & Matt Danaher Bluegrass John Maupin
07/13/2008 6th - Fiddle Bands Tarima Son Mexican Son
07/9/2009 7th - Fiddle Bands Juan Rivera with Los Pichardos Son Planeco ??
07/08/2010 8th - Open Division Rachel Baiman & Eva Walsh Old Time The Hillions
07/10/2010 8th - Fiddle Bands Dorian Gehring & the Cajun Vagabonds Cajun
07/09/2011 9th - Open Division Los Pichardo with Gabby Pichardo Son Planeco Liam Perlstein
07/21/2012 10th-Solo Fiddle
Fiddle Teams
Steve Rosen
Third Sunday Fiddlers
Old Time Kalman Strauss
07/21/2012 10th - Battle of the Bands Brown's Dream
Dorian & Heather
Tarima Son
Old Time
Mexican Son
07/13/2013 11th - Solo Fiddle
Fiddle Teams
Tim Macdonald
The Wren & the Whistler
Old Time
Kalman Strauss
07/13/2013 11th - Battle of the Bands Money Creek Boys
Chicago Spelmanslag
Fruteland Jackson
Old Time