Field Recording Sessions

Indiana Arts Commission grant, 1979-80

Recordings in Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana University

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Date Event/Artist Hometown Instrument Style / Ethnicity
6/21/1979 Francis Geels Decatur fiddle traditional
8/25/1979 Fiddle Contest at Tri-State Gas Engine & Tractor Assoc. Reunion: Lowell Logan; Dillard Armstrong; Bob Leidigh; Adlie Hedges; &c. Muncie; Bryant; Defiance, Ohio; Portland (event in Portland) fiddle bluegrass
9/15/1979 Hoagland Oktoberfest: Maumee Valley Polka Band; The Barons Napoleon, Ohio; Detroit (event in Hoagland) accordion; brass &c. dance / German polka
9/16/1979 Hoagland Oktoberfest: The Imperials; The Vandenberg Orchestra Toledo, Ohio; Holland, Michigan (event in Hoagland) accordion, brass &c. dance / German & Dutch polka
9/29/1979 Dance at Alles' Barn: Dale Alles w/ Alles Family Band Roanoke accordion, electric guitar &c. square dance
10/11/1979 Live at Rudisill Senior Center: Herman Fox, Hugh Sowers & The Entertainers Fort Wayne; Arcola (event in Fort Wayne) concertina & fiddle German
10/12/1979 Herman Fox & Hugh Sowers Fort Wayne; Arcola concertina & fiddle German
10/25/1979 Vic Rigsby Cromwell fiddle & banjo traditional; bluegrass
10/29/1979 Dillard Armstrong, Ritchell Bowman & Collins Ciscon Bryant fiddle, mandolin & guitar bluegrass
10/29/1979 Adlie Hedges Portland fiddle traditional
10/30/1980 Noble Melton Indianapolis fiddle; interview traditional
11/8/1979 William Bernard Lee & Bill Hardy Nashville fiddle, guitar & vocals traditional; bluegrass
11/17/1979 David Hall Monticello fiddle traditional; bluegrass
11/11/1979 Clay 'Pete' Smith
with Country Bluegrass
Star City fiddle & vocal traditional; country
11/13/1979 Francis Geels Decatur fiddle traditional
11/27/1979 Clay "Pete" Smith Star City fiddle; interview traditional
11/29/1979 Henry Rigsby; Clella Rigsby Wawaka banjo & vocals traditional
11/29/1979 Ken Stonebreaker Albion fiddle traditional
11/30/1979 Toad Bradley Servia fiddle traditional
11/30/1979 Jam at the Bandstand: Dave Johnson; Jim Cornell; & c. Wabash banjo, mandolin &c. bluegrass
12/13/1979 George & Dan Berger Fort Wayne accordion & trumpet German polka
12/15/1979 Donald Duff & the Duff Family Band Lebanon fiddle & vocals traditional; gospel
12/18/1979 Live in Bears Back Room: Hector Phillips & the Patoka Valley Boys f/ Tony Rothrock Petersburg, Winslow (event in Bloomington) fiddle, mandolin &c. traditional
12/20/1979 Eleanor Gianikeff Fort Wayne interveiw Macedonian
1/4/1980 Hector Phillips Petersburg fiddle traditional
1/8/1980 Julian Cramer Martinsville mandolin, guitar popular; ragtime
1/11/1980 Jam at the Bandstand: Ray Moore; Kenny DeMarcus; & c. Wabash fiddle, vocals &c. bluegrass
1/12/1980 Dance at the Fort Wayne Sport Club: Fritz Ehrhart's German Band Fort Wayne accordion &c. dance / German
1/16/1980 James Acree Indianapolis vocals ballads & folksongs
1/16/1980 Edgar Hursey Ligonier fiddle & plectrum banjo traditional
1/17/1980 Dan Gellert Elkhart fiddle & banjo folk revival
1/19/1980 Linda Myers Decatur interview German
1/28/1980 Harold Zimmerman Convoy, Ohio (moved to Fort Thomas, Kentucky) fiddle traditional
1/31/1980 Roy Litton Lebanon interview
2/2/1980 Ray Moore; The Moore Brothers; Toad Bradley Servia fiddle, mandolin &c. bluegrass
2/20/1980 John Hasse Bloomington piano; interview ragtime
2/21/1980 Frank Hall & Bob Herring Bloomington fiddle; interview folk revival
2/29/1980 Helen Reynolds Monroeville piano ragtime; popular
3/15/1980 Shorty Cook Fort Wayne interview hillbilly
4/17/1980 Homer Birge Lebanon vocals; harmonica traditional
4/20/1980 Dance for Philip of Macedon Society: The Kastorians f/ Pete Tsouklas Crown Point (event in Fort Wayne) clarinet, brass &c. dance/ Greek
4/22/1980 Live at the Ground Round: The Johnsons North Manchester (event in Fort Wayne) banjo, mandolin &c. bluegrass
5/10/1980 Square dance at St. Louis Parish Hall: Sandy & the Keynotes Fort Wayne (event in Besancon) accordion &c. square dance
5/12/1980 Steve Jugloff Fort Wayne interview Macedonian
5/24/1980 New Harmony Fiddlers Day: Ebert 'Mac' McClain; Hector Phillips; Stephanie White; Brian Hubbard; Billy & Teresa &c. Danville; Petersburg; New Albany; Bloomington (event in New Harmony) fiddle, vocals &c. traditional; country
6/10/1980 Ken Smelser Paoli fiddle traditional
6/17/1980 Steve Duray Fort Wayne concertina & accordion Slovenian polka
6/17/1980 Jack Childress Wabash banjo, vocals &c. old-time; bluegrass
6/21/1980 Square dance at the Armory: Beamon Wille Band; Mark Oliphant Bloomfield; Indianapolis (event in Linton) fiddle; calling square dance
7/8/1980 Dallas Henderson Indianapolis banjo traditional
7/15/1980 Mark Oliphant Greene County (moved to Indianapolis) interview square dance caller
7/16/1980 Wednesday Night Dance: Brad Leftwich; Brian Hubbard; Gary Stanton; Steve Hinnefeld; & c. Bloomington fiddle, banjo &c; interview square dance; folk revival
7/19/1980 Dance at Alles' Barn: Dale Alles w/ Alles Family Band Roanoke accordion, electric guitar &c. square dance
8/9/1980 Ebert 'Mac' McClain Danville fiddle traditional
8/10/1980 Oscar "Butch" Kunkler & Herb Obermeye as Obie & Ossie Fulda fiddle, guitar & vocals German
8/10/1980 Satkamp Family f/ Wayne Satkamp Stendahl fiddle, guitar, vocals &c. country / German
8/12/1980 Fritz Ehrhart Fort Wayne diatonic accordion German polka