Waukegan-Zion Field Recordings

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1987 Survey

Tejano Dance Music

May 16, 1987. Gran Baile at the J-M Club, Waukegan.

El Conjunto Fortuna (Waukegan)
Tropical del Valle (Round Lake)

Squeeze Boxes

May 27, 1987. Ray Podboy (Waukegan) - button box accordion. Ray Podboy started out on piano accordion, grew his repertory of Slovenian songs in the service, and took up the button box as part of a post-war ethnic revival.

June 17, 1987. Warren Lauer (Wildwood) - accordion & harmonica. Warren Lauer grew up with a German father and a singing mother. He began playing for square dances at age 15. He was a big fan of the National Barn Dance.


October 1, 1987. Jerry Emerzian - oud

November 1, 1987. Emil Swanson - mandolin & fiddle



June 11, 1987. Don Adams - square dance caller (interview)

Quilting Circle (Zion).


August 1, 1987. Trini Esparza with El Conjunto Fortuna - Tejano music at a backyard wedding reception.


August 9, 1987. Mellotones Steel Band at the Waukegan Lakefront Ethnic Festival

1991 Followup Survey

John Campbell - piano & vocals, life story


Trini Esparza (Waukegan) interviewed by Juan Dies.

    Los Ecos del Norte