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The World in Our Backyard

February 12, 1982. Kevin Burke & Michael O'Domhnaill in Bears Back Room in Bloomington, Indiana. A Lark Productions concert.

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DrDosido in Their Backyard

Finland - 2009

Rootsinpyhtaa Bluegrass Festival in Ruotsinpyhtaa, Finland. Kaisa Pudas on accordion, teaching Mark Dvorak (banjo) and Paul Tyler (fiddle) a tune she made up for a play of Nils Holgersson's "The Love Song of Two Geese."

June 13, Helsinki. Small session at The Old Anchor. With Patrik Wekman on fiddle, Kaisa Pudas on accordion & Paul Tyler on fiddle.

Big session at The Old Anchor

Finland & Estonia - 2013

Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department. various students on fiddle.

Helsinki. jam sessions. various.

Tallinn. Eeva Talsi on fiddle.