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Paul Gifford

October 1978. Paul Gifford of Ferndale, when I met him in 1976, was an avid tune collector in his home state of Michigan. I became a tune catcher by following his path in my own home state. Paul is a fine musician, especially on the hammered dulcimer. Recorded at my home in Unionville, Indiana. I'm on guitar. All the mistakes are mine.

Recordings from the Tyler-Mahaffee Gathering in Saline, Michigan.

1981. Paul Gifford (Ferndale), Michigan) & Wm. T. White (Okemas, Michigan) on hammered dulcimers, with Bob Hubbach (Rochester, Michigan) on piano. Tunes learned from the Van Arsdale brothers of Frewsburg, New York.

Recordings from a Michigan Fiddlers Association Jamboree in Hillsdale.

August 1997 - Paul Gifford on fiddle.

  • unnamed tune in F & Dm learned from Bill Cameron of Brimley, Michigan
  • Decatur Centennial Hornpipe