Eastern Illinois University Fieldwork Project

1983 Survey of Central Illinois cities: Decatur and Danville

July 16, 1983. Bill Rutherford (Decatur) - caller & Glenn Abbott (Mattoon) - fiddle. Square Dance at LaPlace village hall. The band also included an unnamed guitarist from Mattoon with an electric guitar & rhythm machine.

July 17, 1983. Rev. James Biggs (Decatur) leads worship at St. John's Missionary Baptist Church - worship service with choir, congrational singing and testimony.

July 18, 1983. Arlin Dietz (Decatur) on fiddle, with Mervin "Skeet" Evans (Shelbyville) - guitar & vocal & Kenny Williams - guitar & vocal and - fiddle. Recorded at Arlin's home, the group performed country duets with a smattering of fiddle tunes.

July 1983. Mervin "Skeet" Evans (Shelbyville) - guitar & vocal. With Linda Dust - vocal.

July 1983. Robert Valentine (Monticello) - fiddle & Jim Smith - fiddle. With Paul Tyler on guitar.

July 1983. Cecil Polley (Witt) - fiddle. Recorded by John Holliday.

July 1983. Archie Smothers (Pana) - fiddle. Recorded by John Holliday.

August 1983. Charles Keele (Westville) - fiddle. With Paul Tyler on guitar.

August 1983. Ray Fisher (??) - folksongs.

September 10, 1983. Olivia __ (Decatur) - piano, & vocal, leads choir rehearsal at St. John's Missionary Bapti.st Church. Prayer led by Rev. James Biggs.

1991-92 Followup Survey of Central and Southern Illinois

November 24, 1991. Jim Hoiles (Greenville) - fiddle, with Bruce "Swamp" Weiss on guitar.

December 14, 1991. Illinois Fiddlers Association monthly jamboree in Shelbyville.

February 2, 1992. Johnny Barnhart (Sorrento) - fiddle. With Paul Tyler on guitar.

February 10, 1992. Tom McElroy (Tower Hill) - fiddle.

February 10, 1992. Ernest Ringo (Shelbyville) - fiddle, with ___ Ringo on piano.