In the Tradition:

Masters of Heartland Traditions (1989)

February 3, 1989. Taylor McBaine (Booneville, Missouri) - fiddle. Accompanied by Dave Para on guitar and Cathy Barton on banjo.

  • Dave Para & Cathy Barton

February 17, 1989. Ray Podboy (Waukegan) & the Chicago Slovene Button Box Club. Sark Antaramian (Niles, Illinois), Jerry Emerzian (Waukegan) & Taksim West.

Ray Podboy

Sark Antaramian & Jerry Emerzian

March 18, 1989. John McGreevy (Chicago) & Pat Cloonan (Chicago) on button box accordion. The story and last tune below feature Pat. Liz Carroll on fiddle, & her father, Kevin Carroll, on melodeon. With James Fraher on guitar.

April 7, 1989. Rev. Jim Howie downstate Illinois) - autoharp & vocals. Lotus Dickey (Paoli, Indiana) - fiddle, guitar & vocals. Accompanied by Paul Tyler on mandolin & Barbara Silverman on guitar.

May 5, 1989. K. Wendell "Wendy" Whitford (Albion, Wisconsin) - fiddle, guitar & vocals. Accompanied by Bob & Becky Wernerehl.

February 17, 1989. David "Honeyboy" Edwards (Chicago) - guitar & vocals. Sunnyland Slim [Albert Luandrew] (Chicago) - piano & vocals.

Honeyboy Edwards

Sunnyland Slim

Masters of Regional and Ethnic Traditions (1991)